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The construction of intelligent coal mines is getting better

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The construction of intelligent coal mines is getting better

The intelligent inspection robot of the central water pump room under the Caojiatan Smart Mine is inspecting.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Shao Rui

In front of the showcase of Shaanxi Coal Industry and Chemical Industry Group, Zhu Jing, the exhibitor representative of Shaanxi Shaanxi Coal Coal Caojiatan Mining Co., Ltd., is introducing to exhibitors and merchants: “We use digital technology to cleanly and efficiently transport coal from the conveyor belt to the train. There is basically no coal in the mining area, and the dust has also been significantly reduced, realizing the realization of “coal production without coal”, the sky is blue, the clouds are white, the grass is green.” This happened at the 17th Yulin International Coal and High-end Energy and Chemical Industry Expo held not long ago (hereinafter referred to as “Yulin International Coal Expo”). At the exhibition, automated and intelligent coal mining equipment was displayed one by one, and production data jumped on the large digital screen, showing that my country’s coal industry is entering the fast lane of intelligent and green development.

When coal mines meet driverless cars

It is reported that this year’s Yulin International Coal Expo has set up six exhibition areas including intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment, and low-carbon development. Among them, the construction of intelligent coal mines is one of the highlights of this year’s coal expo.

It is understood that Caojiatan Coal Mine is making every effort to promote the digital transformation of enterprises and improve coal production efficiency and transportation and marketing capabilities. On the production side, Caojiatan has built 6 intelligent coal mining working faces, two of which have reduced the number of staff from 17 to 7, significantly improving coal production efficiency. On the transportation side, an intelligent transportation and sales system has been built, realizing a modern intelligent transportation system with unmanned loading of vehicles entering the station, unmanned command of trains entering the station, and real-time display of sales data. The staff of the transportation, marketing and loading station can realize real-time monitoring and remote management of the vehicles from the mobile phone terminal, ensuring the safe operation of the railway and providing a strong guarantee for efficient transportation.

It is understood that as of now, the country has built a total of 1,043 intelligent coal mining faces and 1,277 tunneling faces. Among them, the first batch of demonstration coal mines in the country have built a total of 363 intelligent coal mining faces and 239 tunneling faces, covering production capacity. 620 million tons per year, with an average single-sided production capacity of 5 million tons per year, and a total investment of nearly 200 billion yuan in intelligent construction, which will effectively promote the fundamental transformation of coal production methods and bring the high-quality development of the coal industry to a new level.

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In my country’s largest coal production base – Guoneng Shendong Coal, the construction of intelligent coal mines has gradually improved. Putting on the gear for going into the well, Shen Fei, director of the electromechanical information center of Guoneng Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd., got on the unmanned trackless rubber-tyred vehicle and started his day’s work. “From walking, taking a small train to now taking an unmanned vehicle, the continuous upgrading of the way of entering the well has continuously improved the safety factor of underground coal mine operations.” Shen Fei introduced, “The unmanned vehicle we are currently riding is a A 19-seat new energy vehicle is equipped with more than ten kinds of sensors such as lidar sensors and millimeter-wave radar sensors to identify complex underground environments.”

After about half an hour’s drive, an underground world with a vertical distance of 150 meters from the ground came into view. The huge mining height of 8.8 meters propped up a wide and bright coal world. Taking out his mobile phone, Shen Fei made a video call to the ground dispatching room, then turned to the underground centralized control room to check the operating status of the equipment.

The 5G signal going down the shaft has made the communication between the previously “unfathomable” underground world and the ground smoother, and the automated and intelligent coal mines have liberated mine workers from heavy physical work. “Since the intelligent construction in 2020, we have reduced 36 personnel and improved coal mining efficiency.” Shen Fei said.

The clean and efficient utilization of coal is accelerating

To mine coal well, we must also use coal well. As my country’s main energy source, realizing the clean and efficient utilization of coal is also one of the themes that this year’s Yulin International Coal Expo focuses on. Liu Zhongmin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced that Yulin City and the Clean Energy Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have achieved phased construction results in the construction of “one district and three bases”, which will effectively drive the development of regional innovation capabilities and R&D levels. Promote the high-quality development of the coal and energy industries.

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The world‘s first coal-based ethanol project located in Yushen Industrial Park, Yulin City is the technical route independently developed by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group. “The project uses low-rank coal-to-ethanol technology to replace traditional bio-ethanol, which can save 1.5 million tons of grain every year, which is of great significance to ensuring national energy security and food security.” Deputy Vice President of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Yushen Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Shixiong said.

It is a must-answer question for energy companies in the new era to “eat and squeeze every piece of coal” and realize the high-end, diversified and low-carbon development of modern coal chemical industry. In Shanxi Yanchang China Coal Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Jingbian County, Yulin City, the low-carbon green cycle integrated innovation project for the comprehensive utilization of coal, oil and gas resources provides a new idea for the low-carbon development of traditional energy companies.

“Through the carbon and hydrogen complementarity among coal, oil, and natural gas and the near-zero discharge of sewage, we have reduced water consumption by 70% compared with traditional coal chemical industries, and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and waste residues by 60.38%, 59%, and 61% compared with traditional coal chemical industries. %, practiced the new green and low-carbon development concept with practical actions.” Tan Guangfu, deputy manager of the production planning department of the enterprise, introduced.

Jing Chunmei, director of the Scientific Research and Information Department of the China International Economic Exchange Center and head of the Energy Policy Research Institute, said that on the basis of guaranteeing supply, Yulin should firmly develop the high-end coal chemical industry, retain the high-end green coal chemical industry, technology, and experience, and benefit from resources. Large-scale cities gradually transition to technology-led cities, increasing product added value and commercial value.

Diversified integration ensures energy security

Coal-based and common development of multiple energy sources is an important means to ensure my country’s energy security at this stage.

“Yulin is rich in coal resources and heavy trucks are widely used. We will gradually replace heavy trucks with hydrogen energy. This year’s Yulin International Coal Expo will deliver a batch first. In the future, we will focus on building a production and R&D base for the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, so that hydrogen energy Become a bridge between traditional energy chemical industry and new energy.” Huang Ye, chairman of Shaanxi Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Co., Ltd., said.

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Guan Xiaohong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Department of Electronics and Informatics of Xi’an Jiaotong University, said that the coordinated optimization of hydrogen-enabled multi-energy supply and demand systems, including multiple energy storage and hydrogen-electric two-way conversion, deep coupling of supply and demand, etc., can achieve zero carbon and green energy The system has better economics than traditional energy systems.

In addition, in terms of circular economy utilization, Yulin Hengshan Guoyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the process of making gasification slag, fly ash and other solid waste materials into products such as sponge city bricks and building decoration materials. 3 million tons/year of green recycling of solid waste. The person in charge of the company said: “70% of the raw materials in each 2.5 kg cultural brick are industrial solid wastes. These solid wastes that could only be disposed of through landfills in the past have now become materials for artistic creation and urban image improvement.”

Li Jinzhu, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Decision-making Advisory Committee, said that the superposition of high-quality development and the “dual carbon” strategy has put forward higher requirements for the construction of energy and chemical bases in northern Shaanxi. He suggested that on the supply side, vigorously promote demonstration projects for the low-carbon utilization of high-carbon resources. To do a good job in the green development, utilization and carbon reduction of traditional energy, the main measures are clean development, low-carbon utilization, and deep conversion. On the transmission and distribution side, promote new power system construction demonstration projects. Efforts should be made to tackle key problems in the new energy power system, integration of wind and thermal storage, integration of source, network, load and storage, energy Internet, regional power grid, and microgrid. On the consumption side, carry out integrated energy service demonstration projects, develop integrated energy sales, integrated energy transmission and distribution, distributed energy development and supply, integrated energy system construction and operation, energy conservation, integrated energy storage, integrated smart energy and other services.

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