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The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV is officially released, with a youthful and luxurious interior, are you excited? _sohu car_sohu.com

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The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV is officially released, with a youthful and luxurious interior, are you excited? _sohu car_sohu.com

Mercedes-Benz, as one of the important representatives of luxury car brands, has a certain status and influence both in our domestic auto market and overseas auto markets. Des-Benz naturally follows the trend, continuously deploys and enriches its new energy models, and has attracted the attention of many car fans and friends. Recently, the editor learned from relevant channels that the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV was officially released. It is worth mentioning that the Beijing Benz EQE SUV will be officially put into production next year. As a pure electric medium and large SUV in the family, this time What surprises will the appearance of the new car bring us? Follow me below to find out.

In terms of styling design, the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV basically continues the design style of the Mercedes-Benz EQ family. Because it is a pure electric model, the front face of the new car adopts the currently popular closed grille treatment, and the huge three-pointed star emblem car The logo shows its identity to a certain extent. The through-type light strip with LED light source and the sharp headlights on both sides are highly recognizable after lighting. The bulge of the lines on the hood, plus the bottom The chrome-plated front surround adds a bit of a sporty atmosphere, and the overall look gives a young and fashionable visual experience. The sharp lines of the side body enhance the sense of strength it should have. The new car is also equipped with door side pedals, which is conducive to the driver and passengers getting on and off the car. The hidden door handle further demonstrates its own luxury model.

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The rear part of the car looks round and full. The new car adopts the current popular through-type LED taillight group, which is very eye-catching after lighting. The rear is surrounded by the decoration of chrome-plated trim strips, which gives a simple and atmospheric visual experience as a whole. . For a long time, Mercedes-Benz has performed well in creating a luxurious interior. As a pure electric medium and large SUV in the family, the EQE SUV naturally inherits this advantage. To any redundant physical buttons, the full LCD instrument panel plus the super-sized central control screen and the co-pilot screen enhance the overall sense of technology, and the new car also has built-in the latest MBUX Hyperscreen car system, so there is no need to worry about intelligence The problem of technology is not in place, the three-spoke white leather multi-function steering wheel, plus a large area of ​​leather wrapping, and the air-conditioning air vents on both sides of the aircraft, thus creating a simple and luxurious interior Ambience.

In terms of power, according to relevant information, the EQE 350+ SUV will be equipped with a single rear motor, the WLTP has a maximum range of 590 kilometers, the 350 4MATIC is a dual-motor four-wheel drive model, and the WLTP has a maximum range of 558 kilometers. The 500 4MATIC model comes standard with all-wheel drive Drive system, and equipped with higher-performance dual motors, the WLTP can last up to 547 kilometers. On the whole, the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV seems to be good in all aspects. Back in our domestic market, the domestic version of the EQE SUV produced by Beijing Benz will be officially launched in the future, facing our fiercely competitive new energy vehicles. market, can it win the favor of many consumers? In terms of price, the current price range of the current Beijing Benz EQE is: 528,000-585,000 yuan. What do you think the starting price of the Beijing EQE SUV is appropriate? Welcome to share and discuss below.

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