Home » There are major design flaws in the iPhone 14 of the Bank of China, and Apple abandons the 6 million production increase plan; Luo Yonghao resigns as the legal person of Hammer Technology; FAW-Volkswagen replies to the pop-up window: it is a caring behavior丨Leifeng Morning Post | Leifeng.com

There are major design flaws in the iPhone 14 of the Bank of China, and Apple abandons the 6 million production increase plan; Luo Yonghao resigns as the legal person of Hammer Technology; FAW-Volkswagen replies to the pop-up window: it is a caring behavior丨Leifeng Morning Post | Leifeng.com

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There are major design flaws in the iPhone 14 of the Bank of China, and Apple abandons the 6 million production increase plan; Luo Yonghao resigns as the legal person of Hammer Technology; FAW-Volkswagen replies to the pop-up window: it is a caring behavior丨Leifeng Morning Post | Leifeng.com

The Bank of China’s iPhone 14 exposed major design flaws, and Apple gave up its 6 million production increase plan

Recently, it is reported that Apple’s official website has delayed the delivery of some iPhone 14 Pro series, because a large number of users reported that the iPhone 14 Pro card slot has problems. According to feedback, one side of the dual-card slot of some iPhone 14 Pro series cannot be inserted into the SIM card due to design problems, so only one SIM card can be used. The US version of the iPhone 14 series has completely canceled the physical SIM tray, and all use eSIM technology. According to Apple’s official website, the National Bank iPhone 14 series are all equipped with two nanoSIM card slots and continue to use physical SIM cards.

In addition, Apple was revealed to be abandoning plans to increase production of new iPhones this year due to weak market demand that fell short of sales expectations. Apple has told suppliers to withdraw plans to increase assembly of the iPhone 14 series by 6 million units in the second half of this year, people familiar with the matter said.

In addition, some sources say that demand for the higher-priced iPhone 14 Pro models is stronger than the entry-level version. At least one Apple supplier is shifting production from lower-end iPhones to higher-end models. According to a report by investment bank Jefferies, purchases of the iPhone 14 series in the first three days of its launch in China were down 11% from comparable sales of the previous generation.

Domestic News

Luo Yonghao resigned as general manager and legal representative of Hammer Technology Group

According to news on September 28, recently, Chengdu Hammer Technology Group Co., Ltd. has undergone an industrial and commercial change. Luo Yonghao stepped down as executive director, general manager, and legal representative, and was replaced by Guan Zhiliang.

It is reported that Luo Yonghao’s new startup company is called “Thin Red Line”, and the official website affiliate company is Beijing Thin Red Line Technology Co., Ltd. The company was established in July 2018 with a registered capital of 100,000 yuan. Its business scope includes software sales, electronic product sales, etc.

Luo Yonghao said that new entrepreneurs choose AR. I feel that the essence of VR is more like a game console, and I believe that AR is the next-generation computing platform. Regarding the specific planning, Luo Yonghao said that our hardware team will develop an engineering machine every year, which in principle is limited to internal development and use, and will not be sold until the commercialization conditions and the overall environment are generally mature. (IT House)

FAW-Volkswagen’s official response to the pop-up window on the central control screen: it is a caring behavior for car owners, and has stopped pushing

According to upstream news reports, a car owner posted a video saying: When driving a newly purchased FAW-Volkswagen ID.6 pure electric car, when driving with on-board navigation, pop-up advertisements suddenly appeared on the central control touch screen, blocking the navigation information while driving.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of FAW-Volkswagen said that the car-to-machine news push is a caring behavior of FAW-Volkswagen for car owners, not a pop-up advertisement. The main content is to remind users of maintenance, brand event invitations and other information closely related to users. FAW-Volkswagen apologizes for the inconvenience this pop-up message has caused to car owners. In order to avoid affecting the user’s driving, FAW-Volkswagen has immediately stopped the pop-up window prompts for the car.

It is worth mentioning that Mercedes-Benz cars have also been exposed to pop-up advertisements on the central control screen. Mercedes-Benz customer service said that the Mercedes-Benz car system will not implant any advertisements, and the pop-up advertisements must not be popped up by the Mercedes-Benz car system itself. It pops up with the help of third-party software. According to customer service, if the car owner has downloaded the A software, and the A software has cooperated with Mercedes-Benz, then the device that has downloaded the A software will have an advertisement pop-up. If you want to refuse the pop-up, you can close the A software. (IT House)

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Jia Yueting was restricted from high consumption again, and the case involved a contract dispute with Western Securities

Recently, Jia Yueting added a consumption restriction order information. Because Jia Yueting failed to perform the payment obligations determined by the effective legal documents within the period specified in the execution notice, he was taken to restrict consumption measures. The case involved is a contract dispute between Jia Yueting and Western Securities Co., Ltd.

The case was executed for the first time in 2019. The executed persons were Jia Yueting and Gan Wei. Since then, the execution has been resumed twice. The latest time was 1.045 billion yuan in July this year. Jia Yueting and Gan Wei were also involved in the case in October 2020 consumption is restricted.

Tencent failed to object to the QQQ trademark, and QQQ was found not to be a similar trademark to QQ

Recently, the documents for the registration of the “QQQ” commercial standard have been published. The document shows that Tencent (Shenzhen) raised an objection to the “QQQ” trademark applied for by Shenzhen Huaxin Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

After examination, the State Intellectual Property Office held that the opposed trademark and the trademarks “QQ” and “QQ Xuanwu” which were previously registered as cited by the opponent had certain differences in terms of text composition and overall appearance, and did not constitute similar trademarks. Its use should not have the consequences of misleading the public. In the end, the State Intellectual Property Office decided: the objected party’s standard should be registered. (Signal Finance)

He Xiaopeng responded to “resigning as chairman of Xiaopeng Huitian”: it can speed up work efficiency

Recently, Guangdong Huitian Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. (“Xpeng Huitian”) underwent an industrial and commercial change. He Xiaopeng resigned from the position of chairman, Zhao Li resigned from the position of director, and Zhao Deli was changed from director and general manager to executive director and manager. The company’s registered capital increased from US$250 million to US$320 million.

On the evening of the 28th, He Xiaopeng issued a document on the matter of “resigning as chairman of Xiaopeng Huitian”, saying that Xiaopeng Huitian is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group company HT Flying Car, and he can be the chairman of HT Flying Car. Work faster.

From October 1st, iQIYI will add new members and split accounts and cancel platform grading

iQIYI announced that from October 1st, iQIYI will officially apply the new account-sharing cooperation model in the fields of dramas, animation, children, and documentaries. The new model will be based on the original members’ viewing time split, and new members will be added to the account. At the same time, the platform’s prediction and rating of content will be cancelled, and the member viewing and income data of the seven terminals of mobile phone, TV, computer, tablet, smart home, Internet of Vehicles, and virtual reality (VR) will be shared with the film party, so that they can understand the content of the content. The consumption performance of each terminal on the iQIYI platform.

Since 2016, iQIYI has launched the online drama account sharing model, which initially divided the account for the number of broadcasts. From October 1st, after adopting the model of member viewing + member pulling new accounts, the income of works will be determined by the platform and will be determined by users. (Sina News)

Ou Feiguang’s response to the vice president being placed under residential surveillance: a personal case, not related to the company

In response to the fact that the company’s deputy general manager and actual controller’s younger brother Cai Gaoyuan was placed under residential surveillance, Ou Feiguang said: “After a preliminary understanding, this matter is his personal case, has nothing to do with the company, and will not adversely affect the company’s daily production and operation activities.”

It is reported that Cai Gaoyuan is the brother of Cai Rongjun, the actual controller of OFILM. He has served in OFILM for 20 years. Since 2002, he has served as deputy general manager and director of the company. Recently, Cai Gaoyuan resigned as director and deputy general manager of the company due to personal reasons, and he no longer holds any positions in the company after his resignation.

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Apple denies car crash detection is human customer service

Recently, a blogger discovered when using the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch that the car accident detection of the watch is not a robot, but a human customer service.

The official Weibo account of @ Mala Car Review asked Apple to verify this. Apple customer service said that when the Apple Watch car accident detection function takes effect, the emergency contact service function of “rescue is needed” will be triggered. If this service is selected, medical institutions and pre-set contacts will be contacted, and the location will be shared. If no one responds, after the 10s countdown, the emergency contact number will also be automatically dialed, but it will not be connected to Apple customer service. (Spicy Car Review)

Dongfang Selection responded to the removal of 6 yuan corn from the shelves: to ensure that the production capacity is not over-produced

Recently, some netizens discovered that corn has been removed from the Dongfang selection e-commerce platform, and the search for “corn” only has corn juice. The customer service responded that the quality is guaranteed. The manufacturer cannot over-produce the product. The output of the product is not fixed. As long as the manufacturer has the production capacity, the product link will be listed as soon as possible. Previously, Dongfang Selection was questioned by Simba for selling 6 yuan a piece of corn to help farmers, which also triggered a heated discussion on the topic of e-commerce helping farmers.

Worry-free Future Releases 2022 Workplace People’s Sideline Survey Report: 63% have sidelines

Recently, according to the “2022 Workplace People’s Sideline Survey” released by Worry-free, 63% of people said they had a sideline in the past two years. Among them, 60% of the people said that their side business is closely related to their main business, and they “finished the bricks for a day” in the grid.

In recent years, with the flexibility of working places and working methods, the flexible demand of enterprises for employing people has become an obvious trend, which provides convenience for people in the workplace to develop side jobs.

international News

Zepeto, Asia’s largest metaverse platform, starts internationalization: it has attracted 340 million users and has a valuation of $1 billion

According to reports, Zepeto, the largest metaverse platform in Asia, has launched an internationalization strategy. Conliqi, the group manager responsible for its platform operation, said that Zepeto still has a long way to go to become a global heavyweight metaverse platform, but The company has now embarked on an international track.

Zepeto is part of South Korean internet giant Naver, a metaverse platform born in 2018 that has attracted 340 million users. In addition, the metaverse platforms on the market are mainly operated by game companies, focusing on game players, while Zepeto’s user base is more of young girls. The platform, valued at $1 billion in capital, has so far received investments from South Korean entertainment giants JYP, YG and Hebe, as well as Vision Fund II, which is run by SoftBank Group.

Dragged down by the devaluation of the pound, Li Ka-shing’s worth has evaporated by nearly 10 billion in one day

Recently, the British government announced the largest tax cut in half a century, which shocked the market. On September 26, the pound fell by more than 5% against the dollar during the session. On September 27, the GBP/USD exchange rate was around 1.08, the lowest level since 1971. The pound and the euro have depreciated sharply, and the Li Ka-shing family business, which has a heavy position in the European market, has not been spared.

The Bloomberg Billionaires Real-Time Index showed on September 26 that Li Ka-shing has a net worth of US$26.7 billion (approximately RMB 191.241 billion), while Li Ka-shing’s net worth was still US$28.1 billion (approximately RMB 201.176 billion) the previous day, which is quite In one day, 9.935 billion yuan was evaporated. Li Ka-shing’s net assets have shrunk by about 18.694 billion yuan compared with the beginning of the year, or 8.9% of his net worth. The business layout of the Li Ka-shing family in Europe was once dubbed as “buying half of the UK”. (Times Weekly)

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Airbnb co-founder joins Tesla board

On September 29, Tesla announced that Airbnb (Airbnb) co-founder Joseph Gebbia (Joseph Gebbia) has joined the company’s board of directors, just a few months ago, Gebbia just gave up his full-time job at Airbnb. Tesla disclosed the appointment of Gibia in a securities filing on Wednesday, effective Sept. 25.

After Gebbia joined Tesla’s board of directors to eight, Tesla had previously said it would evaluate the size and composition of the board.

Gebbia, 41, voluntarily forgoes cash compensation and will not accept any equity incentives until July 2023. It is reported that Gebbia had worked at Airbnb for 14 years. In July, he left his full-time job at Airbnb and only worked as a consultant. Gebbia co-founded Airbnb in 2008 with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and Chief Strategy Officer Nathan Blecharczyk. (Sina Technology)

ASML CTO: The first High-NA EUV lithography machine will be delivered to customers next year, lithography technology may come to an end

Martin van den Brink, chief technology officer of ASML, said in an interview that the company is currently implementing its roadmap in an orderly manner, with EUV being followed by High-NA EUV technology. ASML is gearing up to deliver the first High-NA EUV lithography machine to customers, presumably sometime next year, and while supply chain issues could still disrupt the plan, the goal is sure to be achieved.

As for the technical solution after High-NA EUV technology, Martin said that ASML is working on reducing the wavelength, but he personally does not think Hyper-NA is feasible, they are working on it, but that does not mean it will be put into production. Martin suspects that High-NA will be the last NA, and the current road to semiconductor lithography may have come to an end.

Intel releases 13th-generation Core processors, with significantly improved multi-core performance

On September 28th, at the Intel ON Technology Innovation Summit held on the same day, Intel released the 13th generation Core processors, including six unlocked desktop processors with up to 24 cores and 32 threads, turbo frequency. Frequency up to 5.8 GHz. In terms of performance, Intel’s 13th-generation Intel Core adopts the mature Intel 7 process technology and x86 high-performance hybrid architecture, and its single-threaded performance and multi-threaded performance have increased by up to 15% and 41%, respectively. (Sina Digital)

Vietnam’s FPT produces the country’s first semiconductor chips

On September 28, according to foreign media reports, Vietnam’s FPT company produced the country’s first batch of semiconductor chips. FPT Semiconductor, a unit of Vietnamese technology firm FPT, on Wednesday launched its first production line of semiconductor chips for medical devices, as it strives to enter the highly competitive global semiconductor industry.

FPT Semiconductor said in a statement that it aims to supply 25 million chips globally by 2023, with the U.S., Japan and others as major markets for chips. These chips will be used in everything from consumer electronics to aerospace. Demand for these chips is high as supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic have not yet been fully resolved. (Interface News)

Nezha officially entered the Israeli market

On September 28, according to the official Wechat news of Nezha Automobile, Nezha Automobile has accelerated its overseas expansion and recently officially entered the Israeli market, signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Blilious Group, a leading Israeli dealer group. This is the further rapid extension of Nezha’s “going overseas” strategy after overseas markets such as Asia, Thailand and Nepal, marking the first time that Nezha U and Nezha V models will enter the Middle East market.Leifeng Network Leifeng Network(Public Number: Leifeng.com)Leifeng Network

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