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There is an inner taste!Honor Magic 3 reproduces a new height of order aesthetics, showing high-end power_series

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Original title: There is an inner taste!Honor Magic 3 reproduces a new height of order aesthetics, showing high-end power

As Honor’s first top high-end flagship after independence, the Honor Magic3 series has become the focus of discussion between the industry and consumers. At 7:30 tonight, the Honor Magic3 series will be officially unveiled. Some bloggers have gotten the real machine in advance and exposed the design on the back of Honor Magic3: the design is centered and symmetrical, and the cameras are arranged in a circle. There are more details and innovations in inheritance, and the overall texture is very advanced.

From the design of the lens layout to the axisymmetric aesthetic presentation, we can see the excellence of the Honor Magic 3 series in workmanship. It can be said that on the basis of the design of the Huawei Mate series star ring, the Honor Magic 3 series is breaking through innovation and elevating the aesthetics to a new height with the iconic high-end texture design.

Axisymmetric order aesthetics, following Huawei Mate’s innovation

In traditional Chinese aesthetics, symmetry is the most popular aesthetic concept. Symmetry creates a sense of ritual and order, and complex images can be derived from simplicity. Huawei Mate series is one of the iconic design concepts with the center axis pairing. It can be seen that the overall design of the Honor Magic 3 from the lens arrangement to the back has inherited the concept of the Huawei Mate series.

In the overall circular layout of the Honor Magic3 Pro, two sets of small rings are formed: the central lens and the outward metal ring are impressive. On the outermost circle, there are four other cameras, still symmetrically arranged on the central axis. The flash and sensor below not only play an embellishment role, but the space allocation is also very reasonable. From an aesthetic point of view, the circle symbolizes smoothness, tolerance, and perfection, and contains richer aesthetic principles. Central axis symmetry is the core of Eastern philosophical design. Honor Magic 3 combines rigorous order aesthetics, rich light and shadow effects, and high-end texture. The innovation of Honor Magic 3 is everywhere.

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Withstand the impact of high-end tasks, the Honor Magic 3 series is very clever

After entering the era of multiple cameras, how to arrange the camera modules has become an important issue affecting the beauty of the whole machine. This places extremely high requirements on industrial design (aesthetic thinking), stacking architecture (such as lens wiring, motherboard structure, etc.), and technical implementation (mass production, improved yield). Judging from the currently exposed pictures, the Honor Magic 3 series has already handed in a satisfactory answer.

Zhao Ming once revealed that Honor Magic 3 invited international design masters. At the same time, Honor has inherited many R&D personnel from the original Huawei terminal, and has strong design and R&D capabilities. In terms of ground manufacturing, news from the supply chain shows that the Honor Magic 3 uses the same supply chain as the Huawei Mate series. The top-level supply chain ensures that Honor Magic 3 can reach the high-end quality of Huawei Mate.

With the new gold and blue color, interpretation of high-end texture

In terms of color, the Honor Magic3 series is also highly anticipated. Zhao Ming revealed that the Honor Magic 3 series has launched two color combinations, golden hour and blue hour. Its design is inspired by the “magic moments” of sunrise and sunset in nature, which are the wonderful moments of the transitional evolution of the sun. Moving to a mobile phone will realize the perfect encounter between extreme technology and fashion aesthetics.

High-end design is just the “appetizer” before the debut of the Honor Magic3 series. I believe that when it is released tonight, the Honor Magic 3 series will release more “big moves”. To learn more about the Magic 3 series, please log in to the live broadcast of the 19:30 conference to witness its perfect debut!Return to Sohu to see more

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