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Tim, after the plan, collapses by 10% on Piazza Affari

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Tim, after the plan, collapses by 10% on Piazza Affari

Passion day for Tim on the stock market. Since the first hours of trading, the stock has been targeted by sales following the approval of the strategic plan which, for the first time, gives indications on the future of the former telecommunications monopolist without the network, the sale of which continues to be expected at June. The fact is that as the day begins to close, the shares lose around 10% after having dropped up to 13%, in the 25 cents area. The plan to 2026 foresees an average annual growth in revenues of 3% and 2% considering the domestic sector alone. Rates substantially in line with market expectations. However, some notes emerge regarding the debt expected to stabilize at 1.6-1.7 times the ebitda against expectations (from Equita, for example) of 1.3 times.

Not even the prospect of a return to “shareholders’ remuneration” or the dividend at the end of the plan, which emerged during Tim’s capital markets day in Rome, has improved the situation. CEO Pietro Labriola wanted to reassure the market by saying that “with the sale of Netco (the network company, ed.) we will once again be a company capable of living well in the market, restoring financial flexibility”. As for the collapse in the stock market, the manager showed calm: «Not everyone – he commented – understands our strategies and there are not the right reactions from the market», assuring that «we will keep the promises we make today».

According to the manager, in fact, the goals of Tim’s new industrial plan are “an achievable goal”. Everything, Labriola specified, “is based on efficiency improvements” and the debt “at the end of 2024 will be below 2” times the EBITDA.

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