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Trento 2023 Festival, the theme will be: “The future of the future. The challenges of a new world “

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Trento 2023 Festival, the theme will be: “The future of the future.  The challenges of a new world “

After the success of the last edition of the Trento Festival of Economics, organized by the 24 Ore Group and Trentino Marketing on behalf of the Trentino institutions, and after the communication of the new 2023 dates set from 25 to 28 May, the organizers of the historic kermesse announce the theme of the 18th edition of the Festival: “The Future of the Future. The challenges of a new world ”.

“Between pandemic, war, energy and climate emergency, upheaval of global geopolitical equilibrium and questioning of Western democracies, the world has changed”, explains the President of the Scientific Committee of the Trento Economy Festival, Fabio Tamburini, director of the Sun 24 hours. «And also on the future it is necessary to reflect and discuss to understand what the guidelines for change will be, identifying the challenges of the new world. An opportunity to do this will be the 4 days of Trento, at the end of next May, in the presence of personalities from the economy, academia, politics and civil society. Young people are at the forefront, more interested than others in laying solid foundations on which to build their future ».

The 2022 edition of the Trento Festival of Economics, which for the first time saw the 24 Ore Group together with Trentino Marketing in the role of organizers on behalf of the Autonomous Province of Trento and with the contribution of the Municipality of Trento and the University of Trento, animated the city for four days with over 600 speakers in 228 scheduled events including the Festival, “Fuori Festival” (new for 2022), “Economies of the Territories”, “Meetings with the Author” and the live events of Radio 24.

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Of these events, 66 were broadcast in live streaming from the dedicated online platform, which during the days of the event recorded over 100,000 active users who followed the events in streaming and on demand. Success with the public in attendance with queues for entry into the halls and the full house of the Trento accommodation facilities, as declared by the APT close to the closing of the event. Among the public, there were many families present, also from outside Trentino and a large participation of young people, many university students, but also from upper secondary schools.

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