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Weekend news summary: Shanghai Stock Exchange releases operating income deduction guidelines to target shell companies

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Important news that will affect the market this weekend: The Shanghai Stock Exchange has issued guidelines for deduction of operating income to accurately crack down on shell companies; Li Keqiang presided over a symposium on the economic situation, requesting support for the development of new foreign trade formats such as cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses; January-October Securities Stamp duty was 244.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.2%; at the end of OctoberBankIndustry financial institutionreal estateLoans increased by 8.2% year-on-year; the central bank saidreal estateThe market risk is generally controllable, and the healthy development trend remains unchanged.

Macro economy

Xi Jinping: Continue to promote the high-quality development of the “Belt and Road” joint construction

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the third “Belt and Road” construction symposium in Beijing on the 19th and delivered an important speech, emphasizing the complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, with high standards, sustainable, The goal is to benefit the people’s livelihood, consolidate the foundation of interconnection and cooperation, expand new spaces for international cooperation, build a network of risk prevention and control, and strive to achieve a higher level of cooperation, higher investment efficiency, higher supply quality, higher development resilience, and promote joint construction The high-quality development of the “Belt and Road” has continuously achieved new results.

Li Keqiang hosted a symposium on the economic situation: supporting the development of new forms of foreign trade such as cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses

On November 18, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, presided over a symposium between economic situation experts and entrepreneurs to analyze the economic situation and listen to opinions and suggestions on the next economic work. Li Keqiang said, continue to do a good job of normalizing the epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the “six stability” and “six guarantees”, especially the market players to ensure employment and people’s livelihood protection, strengthen the forward-looking pertinence of macro policies, promote reform and opening up, and do a good job in cross-cyclical adjustments. Promote the economy to climb through the hurdles, keep the economy operating within a reasonable range and the overall employment situation is stable.

Liu He: Financial institutions should increase financial credit support for manufacturing enterprises to ensure their reasonable capital needs

The 2021 World Manufacturing Conference opened in Hefei, Anhui on November 19. Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, delivered a written speech.Liu He pointed out that the manufacturing industry is the “ballast stone” of the major economies,ChangheImproving the quality of employment is essential. my country is undergoing a profound transformation in the economic development model. The basis for high-quality development is a higher-level and more competitive manufacturing industry. It is necessary to continuously enhance industrial competitiveness, increase labor productivity, and maintain a reasonable proportion of manufacturing and producer services. All localities and departments must effectively solve current practical problems for manufacturing enterprises. Financial institutions should increase financial credit support for manufacturing enterprises to ensure their reasonable capital needs.

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National Development and Reform Commission: my country’s overall price level will remain within a reasonable range, and there will be no “inflation” where prices will rise across the board

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, due to adverse weather such as heavy rainfall and low temperature, vegetable prices in some areas have experienced periodic fluctuations; due to the transmission of price increases in coal and other energy products and bulk raw materials, some areas and some daily consumer goods Prices have also risen to a certain extent. However, compared with the general “surge” of prices in other major economies in the world, my country’s price levels are generally within a controllable range.

Global Market

External disk review: most European and American stock markets fell, Nasdaq hit a new high

On Friday, Eastern Time, the three major U.S. stock indexes closed mixed. The Dow closed down for the third consecutive day, and the Nasdaq hit a new closing high. As of the close, the Dow closed down 268.97 points to 35601.98 points, a decrease of 0.75%; the Nasdaq closed up 63.73 points to 16057.44 points, an increase of 0.40%; the S&P 500 index closed down 6.58 points to 4,697.96 points, a decrease of 0.14. %.

Sign landing!The U.S. One Trillion Infrastructure Act Starts Implementation

With the passage of the trillion-dollar infrastructure investment bill in Congress, this is known as the largest infrastructure bill or will begin to be implemented. According to relevant media reports, US President Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill at the White House, which also means that the bill has officially landed.Then Biden issuedTwitterSaid, “The extreme weather events last year alone caused US$99 billion in losses. The bipartisan infrastructure bill will rebuild our bridges, water supply systems, power lines and dams to make them better and stronger.”

The Tesla owner app is “abandoned” again?Large-scale application service interruption domestic Model 3 price increase by 15,000

According to Electrek,TeslaCurrently, it is suffering from a wide range of application service interruptions, causing car owners to be unable to connect to their cars through APP.Currently, the U.S. and Canada’sTeslaCar owners are facing a complete interruption of application connections. In fact, on Friday (November 19),TeslaCEO Musk just said that the company’s mobile applications are returning to normal. Previously, Tesla launched an update of its mobile application, and then this application interruption problem appeared.

Financial capital

Shanghai Stock Exchange releases operating income deduction guidelines to target shell companies

The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued “Shanghai Stock Exchange Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Listed Companies No. 2-Financial Delisting Indicators: Operating Income Deduction” and “Science and Technology Innovation Board Information Disclosure Business Guide No. 9-Financial Delisting Indicators: Operating Income Deduction” , Implemented from the date of release. The “Guide” aims to clarify the specific deductions of operating income from financial delisting indicators, improve the enforceability of financial delisting indicators, and implement new regulations for detailed delisting.

Ministry of Finance: From January to October, the securities stamp duty increased by 43.2% year-on-year to 244.6 billion

From January to October, the national general public budget revenue was 18,152.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. Among them, the central general public budget revenue was 8466.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%; the local general public budget revenue at this level was 9686.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.1%. National tax revenue was 1,56508 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.9%; non-tax revenue was 2,051.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.5%.

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ChinaClear: 980,700 new investors in October dropped 39.4% from the previous month

According to data from China Settlement, 980,700 new investors were added in October, a year-on-year decrease of 12.45% and a month-on-month decrease of 39.4%.

The State Administration of Market Supervision made administrative punishment decisions on 43 cases of illegal implementation of operator concentration

The General Administration of Market Supervision filed and investigated 43 cases of undeclared and illegal implementation of the concentration of undertakings in accordance with the “Anti-Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China.” After investigation, the above-mentioned cases all violated Article 21 of the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China and constituted failure to declare the illegal implementation of the concentration of undertakings in accordance with the law. The assessment found that they did not have the effect of eliminating or restricting competition. Recently, the State Administration for Market Supervision made administrative penalty decisions in accordance with Articles 48 and 49 of the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China, and imposed fines of 500,000 yuan on the enterprises involved in the case.

Industrial Economy

Central Bank: The overall risk of the real estate market is controllable and healthy development remains unchanged

The Central Bank released a report on the implementation of China’s monetary policy for the third quarter of 2021.The report pointed out that currentlyreal estateMarket risks are generally controllable, and the overall trend of the healthy development of the real estate market will not change. Persist in not using real estate as a short-term means of stimulating the economy, persist in stabilizing land prices, house prices, and expectations, maintaining the continuity, consistency and stability of real estate financial policies, implementing a prudential management system for real estate finance, and increasing financial support for housing leasing , Cooperate with relevant departments and local governments to jointly maintain the stable and healthy development of the real estate market and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of housing consumers.

China Banking Regulatory Commission: Banking financial institutions real estate loans increased by 8.2% year-on-year at the end of October

In the first 10 months, loans to private enterprises increased by 5 trillion yuan. Newly issued private enterprise loans accounted for 53.5% of newly issued corporate loans, an increase of 1.8 percentage points from the beginning of the year; the number of newly issued private enterprise loans increased by 28.2% year-on-year. Fifth, the reasonable demand for real estate loans has been met. At the end of October,BankThe real estate loans of industrial financial institutions increased by 8.2% year-on-year and remained stable overall. More than 90% of personal housing loans were used to support the first home, and loans to the housing leasing market increased by 61.5% year-on-year.

Does the bank issue a whitelist of financing for real estate companies?Banks “never heard of” real estate financing rebounded but divided

Recently, news of loose financing of real estate companies has frequently stimulated the market. On November 19, Hong Kong stocks and A-share real estate stocks led the rise again.Data show that since November, real estate and urban investment companies haveBankThe inter-market financing plan has been over the entire month of October, but the issuer is dominated by state-owned assets. It is reported that some banks treat different qualified real estate companies differently in terms of loans, including special policy support for state-owned real estate companies and a whitelist of financing for them. However, many bankers told China Business News that they had not received any notice.

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Xinhua News Agency: What is Metaverse? Why pay attention to it?Decoding the meta universe

Science and technology companies and investors have joined in. The related concepts of Metaverse have been popular in the capital market, and a group of large companies have announced their deployment in the Metaverse market… Recently, Metaverse has become a hot topic in the field of technology and capital. What is the meta universe? Why pay attention to it? The reporter interviewed related companies and experts to decode the meta universe.

Company focus

The “Kangmei Pharmaceutical Case” punished independent directors with huge punishment and shocked the A-share market! Independent directors of 18 companies resigned in 8 days

Recently, the “resignation wave” of independent directors has been staged in the A-share market. The reporter of Securities Daily found that since November 12, as of press time, 18 listed companies have intensively disclosed announcements of the resignation of independent directors. Industry insiders speculate that the “resignation tide” may be related to the joint liability of the independent director of the first-instance judgment of Kangmei Pharmaceutical’s financial fraud case. On November 12, the first-instance judgment of Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the first class-action lawsuit in A shares, came to an end. In addition to achieving the goal of punishing the first evil, the first special representative litigation, and the high amount of compensation, the five independent directors will bear hundreds of millions of yuan in this judgment. The joint and several liability for compensation has thus attracted the attention of the market.

BYD: plans to increase the capital of its subsidiaries by US$1.7 billion or its equivalent in RMB

  BYD(002594) On the evening of November 19, the company announced that the company intends to exchange currency for its wholly-owned subsidiariesBYDAutomobile Industry Co., Ltd. (“Auto Industry”) increased its capital by USD 1.7 billion or its equivalent in RMB. This capital increase is based on the needs of the automobile industry’s production, operation and business development, and is conducive to the automobile industry to further enhance its product development and operational capabilities.

Hang Seng Index: Including JD.com into the HSI and removing China Evergrande from the Hang Seng State-owned Enterprise Index

The Hang Seng Index Company announced the results of the quarterly inspection and willJingdongNetEaseENN EnergyChina Resources BeerWhen the company is included in the HSI, the number of constituent stocks in the HSI will increase from 60 to 64;China EvergrandeCut outHang Seng China EnterpriseIndex, willCinda BioPharmaceutical inclusionHang Seng China Enterpriseindex.

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