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Who framed General Vannacci? Torpedoes, but not only from the opposition

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Who framed General Vannacci?  Torpedoes, but not only from the opposition

Everything is raining on the author of “the world upside down” but not only from the opposition

The case of the general Vannacci it is enriched every day with new facts and gives back the advice not to go against the mainstream.

But behind the attack of the author of “The world upside down“, the book that was among the best sellers on Amazon (250,000 copies) for a long time, there are not only the opposition and a certain political party with its crowd of bad teachers but also an unsuspected person: the minister of the defense Guido Crosetto who seems to have an open account with the general.

The last tile was the “disciplinary suspension from employment for 11 months, with consequent seniority deduction and halving of salary”, this is the measure adopted by the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto against his general at the conclusion of disciplinary proceedings which began last October 30th.

The senior officer’s lawyer, Giorgio Carta, explained that:

“The sanction stigmatizes the circumstances of the publication of the book ‘The world upside down’ which allegedly denoted a ‘lack of sense of responsibility’ and caused an ‘injury to the principle of neutrality/third party’ of the FArmata luffs‘, ‘compromising the prestige and reputation of the Administration to which they belong and generating possible disruptive and divisive emulative effects within the military structure’, as beraking latest news reports.

If it were just that, apart from the officer’s high rank, there wouldn’t be much to be surprised about. But there is much more behind it. Vannacci is about to be a candidate for the European elections with the League and whoever is targeting him is a close ally, or rather the co-founder of Brothers of Italy, namely Crosetto.

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“Tomorrow”, reports a “very strong irritation towards Crosetto” on the part of Meloni because then, concretely, the “persecution” benefits the general in a possible candidacy with the League for the European Championships. The more you throw at him, the more people vote for him.

Crosetto, for his part, denies everything and does not take responsibility, saying that: “we are talking about proceedings that started months ago, which occur automatically and which are totally external to the input of the political authority because they start from a technical authority”. Then he added:

“Once all the information is available perhaps comments will be more appropriate.”

Crosetto is on a war footing and having unearthed the ax he says: “I’m running out of cheeks to turn”.

Salvini had instead declared: “one investigation a day, we are ridiculous, how scared is the general? Long live freedom of thought and speech, long live the Armed Forces and the Police Force, long live the men and women who defend the honour, freedom and security of Italians every day.”

Vannacci responds to the message on I will continue to move forward and demand freedom of expression.”

On X the Northern League senator Claudio Borghi effectively summarized a common feeling: “This is what happens to those who try to disagree with the single thought. One hundred investigations, complaints, suspensions.”

What is actually happening with Crosetto it is not known but one thing is certain: the position of the Minister of Defense is ending up damaging the entire centre-right coalition because it is generating strong political tensions which after the defeat in Sardinia and before the competitions in Abruzzo and Basilicata they are certainly not a good starting point.

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