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2021 Baidu Wave Festival concludes: Guochao is now letting the world see China’s power-DoNews

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On June 12th, “Baidu Chaos Festival”, the first national pride theme ceremony in China jointly launched by Baidu APP and Zhejiang Satellite TV, was broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV and ended successfully.

This year, the Baidu Wave Grand Ceremony with the theme of “Technology Collision National Tide, Stars Traveling Through Ancient and Modern” uses the collision of traditional culture and modern technology elements to present a coherent trend of great power thought to the audience.

The party not only invited top-tier big-name celebrities to join, but also many Baidu’s cutting-edge black technologies such as smart search, AI, and unmanned vehicles to interact with artists and audiences on the same stage, as well as Chinese martial arts, ancient rhyme music, aerospace technology and other countries. The trendy elements complement each other, the cool stage effects and the good reputation of the evening party all demonstrate the strong influence and appeal of Baidu’s IP in the field of technology and culture.

As another annual gala IP jointly created by Baidu and Zhejiang Satellite TV after “Baidu Curious Night”, the 2021 Baidu Wave Festival will innovate and upgrade in all aspects of the party’s stage art, program format, artist lineup, etc., incorporating the avant-garde trendy stage design concept, and A number of top-tier superstars including Hua Chenyu, Zhou Shen, Huang Zitao, Xiao Jingteng, and Li Yuchun joined to help out, conveying China’s self-confidence and being proud of China’s technology and culture.

It is worth mentioning that the dance beauty of the evening is like a three-dimensional multi-treasure pavilion containing Chinese cultural treasures. The Chinese character blocks used in the elements symbolize the spiritual core of the inheritance and change of Chinese civilization. It is reported that the stage visual design of this evening party was completed by the famous stage designer Shang Tianbao himself. The stage design is based on the concept of traveling through time and space, talking to the past and present, and opening up the future. It uses the pioneering art of space combination to blend the traditional culture with the agility of the new era, interpreting the concept of “technological collision with the tide of the country” and the inclusive spirit of a major country. The visual aesthetics of hundreds of millions of viewers.

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In addition to the rich and diverse entertainment elements on the stage, the intelligent search hosted by the avatar was undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching focuses of the night. At the party, Baidu focused on leading technologies such as intelligent search, AI, and unmanned vehicles, creating an unprecedented stage cool effect and technological interactive experience for the audience.

Every “Baidu click, start the national tide” expresses Baidu’s pursuit of helping users discover a better life, and also conveys the product concept of connecting people, information and service search to make life better. Whether it is to start a program through a cool voice search, or a fun question to stimulate the interaction of the audience, voice search shows a broad application value in the future of human beings.

In fact, Baidu has always been a super portal for citizens to deepen their understanding of the world. Behind every search is the user’s desire to make their lives better. Therefore, Baidu’s intelligent search technology, including voice search and image search, is also continuously evolving-not only for information retrieval, but also a new form of human-computer interaction, which connects people with information and services and seeks for users. A better new life provides more convenience and services.

Since its launch in 2019, Baidu’s National Tide Season IP has gone through a full two years, and it is also the first large-scale variety show to be held. What Baidu Chao Festival wants to create is not just a fashion entertainment event that everyone pays attention to, but also tells the story of the “new national tide” with the rise of the spirit of a great power as the core, and inspires the pride of the Chinese people. This is also to connect hundreds of millions of netizens. Baidu search with information services has been committed to delivering value to the outside world.

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In May of this year, the “Baidu 2021 Guochao Pride Search Big Data” jointly released by Baidu and People’s Daily Online showed that as Guochao enters the 3.0 era, the meaning of Guochao is also expanding. From the basic domestic brands to the rise of Chinese culture and Chinese technology, today’s national tide is not limited to physical objects, it is also the heritage of civilization and technological innovation that has risen through a century of millennia.

At the Baidu Wave Festival, Baidu also released the annual national tide taste, annual national wave hot words, annual national wave color, annual national wave elements, annual national wave makeup, and annual national wave technology based on search big data. “National Tide Symbol” depicts the positive outlook of the people in pursuit of a beautiful national tide life for the national audience.

Regarding the “Annual National Tide Makeup” that women are more concerned about, Tang Feng makeup, Dunhuang Feitian makeup, and imitation makeup of people in the painting rank among the top three, and classical makeup with historical and cultural heritage is more and more popular. In addition, Xianqi slightly drunk makeup, Mulan imitation makeup, and ink-and-wash knight makeup are also popular national trend makeup looks.

What we are proud of is that China’s technology has been at the forefront of the world in the fields of 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data. As China’s science and technology has taken the lead in the world, Baidu’s search data has also seen insights from overseas Chinese for scientific and technological progress. In the annual Guochao technology, cutting-edge cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, 5G, and cloud computing are in the forefront. These science and technology symbols are not only the focus of social attention, but also a powerful signal of the rise of China’s technological power and national pride.

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As the host Chen Huan said: “The trend and the good life are inseparable. The national trend is reflected in all aspects of our food, clothing, housing, and transportation. The food, traditional Chinese clothing from all over the world, and the more and more famous Chinese national brands, let Our days are full of flavors, and we are becoming more and more popular among the people. This is the national tide.”

The tide of the country is at that time, and the tide of great powers is sweeping. In the new era when Chinese power is rising and prospering, the whole people are also pursuing and enjoying a more free and beautiful life. Every search for traditional culture, every purchase of good domestic products, and every attention to cutting-edge technology reflects the interest and pride of the people in the national tide.

“Look at Baidu, life is better”, the Baidu Chao Festival held audiences to see that, as a link between hundreds of millions of netizens and the spiritual culture of the Guochao, search is not only a witness to the rise of the Guochao, but also the participation of the whole people in the pursuit of a better new life. It is also the proponent of the national wave of science and technology and the national wave of culture.

The Baidu Wave Grand Ceremony, which combines traditional culture and cutting-edge technology, tells a brand-new national tide story with the new concept of national tide, new elements of science and technology, new cultural appearance and a very innovative avant-garde stage, giving the label of “national tide” Rejuvenate the vitality of the times in the proud spirit of the great power. Although the 2021 Baidu Wave Festival has come to an end, the story of the “new national wave” of hundreds of millions of people may have just begun.


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