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2023 Zijin Culture and Arts Festival: A Celebration of Art and Cultural Splendor

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The 2023 Zijin Culture and Arts Festival, a grand event for art enthusiasts, has officially begun in Yancheng. The festival aims to showcase Jiangsu’s outstanding literary and artistic achievements while bridging the gap between people’s lives and culture.

The opening ceremony commenced with a captivating performance of the Yang Opera “Zheng Banqiao” at the Grand Theater of Yancheng Culture and Art Center. The play, which centers around the life of Zheng Banqiao, vividly portrayed his upright personality, care for the people, and humorous nature. The audience was enthralled, bursting into applause and cheers throughout the show.

The festival’s main focus this year is on highlighting the inheritance and promotion of China’s excellent traditional culture. With 15 opera plays among the 23 selected for the festival, traditional operas such as Yang Opera, Xi Opera, and Huaihai Opera will take center stage. Many of these operas feature modern and contemporary themes, demonstrating the efforts of Jiangsu literary and art workers to infuse traditional operas with contemporary stories and a fresh perspective.

Moreover, the festival aims to inject the power of youth into cultural inheritance, making art more vibrant. The “Art Moves Youth” section will showcase the works of outstanding young folk arts and crafts artists, celebrating their active efforts in preserving traditional crafts.

This year, the festival is also committed to bringing literature and art to ordinary homes. The “Cultural Night Market Caravan” has already brought classic plays to Guomeng Town, captivating both young and old villagers. By deepening the “people-centered” festival orientation, the event focuses on grassroots performances and sharing artistic achievements with the masses, allowing them to become active participants in the cultural experience.

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To make the festival more accessible, branch venues have been set up in Huai’an, Yancheng, Suqian, and Yangzhou, in addition to the main venue in Nanjing. This ensures that literature and art reach all corners of the province, promoting equal access to cultural services.

The festival also collaborates with various partners to bring high-quality stage productions and art films to the audience. From “Hamlet” to “Swan Lake,” a range of performances from both within and outside the province promises to create a unique and captivating experience for attendees. The inclusion of international plays and renowned musical ensembles amplifies the festival’s appeal and showcases the best of domestic and foreign masterpieces.

With its diverse array of performances, exhibitions, and activities, the 2023 Zijin Culture and Arts Festival continues to be a vibrant celebration of arts and culture, enriching the lives of its participants and promoting the artistic heritage of Jiangsu.

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