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83-year-old Chen Shufang talks about “There are only 3 days in life” with a health insurance card |

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83-year-old Chen Shufang talks about “There are only 3 days in life” with a health insurance card |

[The Epoch Times, November 14, 2022](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Chen Shufang, the actress and actress of the Golden Horse Horse, shared her senior life with other guests on the program “Can I Be Single”. Not long ago, Chen Shufang was shocked that her heart stopped for 14 seconds and her body flashed red. Although she was 83 years old, it was the first time she used her health insurance card, and even the doctor was shocked when she saw it.

Chen Shufang stated that at that time, she had undergone a full-body examination, and the doctor found that she had an irregular heartbeat. She did not dare to say it at the moment, and only asked her to take a remote-detected heart rhythm regulator home. Unexpectedly, two weeks later, the machine detected In the middle of the night, her heartbeat stopped for 14 seconds.

Chen Shufang said, “Shouldn’t I leave after 14 seconds? But I still have a lot of things to do, and I haven’t had 100 performances in remote villages, so I must make it come alive!”

Later, the day after the 14-second cardiac arrest was detected, the hospital quickly called her to return to the hospital, and advised her to install a cardiac pacemaker, and now Chen Shufang has recovered. Therefore, she urged not to be afraid of going to the hospital because of your old age, and to do everything you need to do while you are healthy, otherwise it will be too late to do it when you are sick.

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Optimistic, she shared her philosophy of “There are only 3 days in life” on the show, “I was very happy yesterday, I will be happier today, and I will earn it again tomorrow when I open my eyes and still be alive, that is, I am very happy every day!”

She even joked with the director of “Lonely Taste”: “Director Xu, remember me, don’t forget me just because I won the award, when one day I can’t walk, you have to write a letter for a person in a wheelchair. I act.”

She was open-minded and even made arrangements for her death. She told a friend who was the master of ceremonies in the funeral agency: “I will put the 100,000 yuan on your side. When I leave, you will use the 100,000 yuan to help you. I’ll deal with it, just cremate it and sprinkle it.” She felt that it was nothing, because the body was just a shell, and in fact it was nothing when she left.

She said frankly that due to the epidemic, last year’s New Year’s film was not finished until September this year, which caused her body to be too tired and her health to be in poor condition. Only then did she realize that she hadn’t really had a good time since she left the society. Most of the time, she She was filming a movie and TV, so she recently participated in the Tourism Bureau’s senior tour for the first time, and she was very happy.

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