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A six-hour scroll-style presentation of Shanghai Dramatic Art Center’s drama “Dream of Red Mansions” once again

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Original title: A six-hour scroll-style presentation of the Shanghai Dramatic Center’s drama “Dream of Red Mansions” once again staged

CCTV Online News, December 24 (Reporter Lin Fuyu) Produced by Shanghai Dramatic Art Center, co-sponsored by Shanghai Cultural Square Theater Management Co., Ltd., national first-level screenwriter Yu Rongjun adapted from classics by Cao Xueqin, directed by Professor Cao Yan of the Central Academy of Drama The full performance of the drama “Dream of Red Mansions” will be staged at the end of the 2021 performance season of SAIC Shanghai Cultural Square on December 25th and 26th.

Drama “Dream of Red Mansions” (photo by Qin Zhizhi published by CCTV)

Cultural Plaza’s end-of-year performance season planning focuses on “starting from the core of classic literature and discovering the current interpretation of long-lasting works”. A total of 47 performances on 5 stations jointly showcase classic literature and immortal love. , To introduce the immortal charm of literary classics into the all-encompassing theatrical stage, and to reproduce the group images of national life in different eras.

The drama “Dream of Red Mansions” is composed of the upper part “Fengyue Prosperity” and the lower part “The Return of the Birds Who Eat All The audience stood in mid-air and re-examined the classics, enjoying the ultimate contemporary Chinese aesthetics in the vast illusion.

The drama “A Dream of Red Mansions” is written by Yu Rongjun, directed by Cao Yan, stage design Liu Xinglin, shape design Liu Meichi, opera shape design Yang Qi, composer Qi Feng. Since its premiere at the Shanghai Dramatic Art Center in September this year, it has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. After three months of polishing, the performance has been upgraded and adjusted in details such as the script, stage art and costume modeling.

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Drama “Dream of Red Mansions” (photo by Qin Zhizhi published by CCTV)

The screenwriter Yu Rongjun said that the original “A Dream of Red Mansions” is a rare novel that first talks about the ending and then the original story. The same is true for the drama “A Dream of Red Mansions”. The audience can see the fate and ending of some characters at the beginning or in the play. But the structure and expression of drama and novel are different, and the way of telling stories is also different. “I will break the timeline of the original work, based on the relationship between the characters, the relationship between people and family, politics, society, dreams, illusions, mirroring and reality, the dialogue between the past, present and the future, etc., based on the struggle and connection between people and destiny. Let’s re-architect this play. Here are the familiar scenes of “Dream of Red Mansions”, but there will be new interpretations and expressions.”

Director Cao Yan believes that “Dream of Red Mansions” contains traditional Chinese Eastern philosophy and is a tragedy in the true sense. It reflects the antagonism between free will and irresistible destiny in the survival of people, experiencing setbacks in antagonism, comprehending nihility in failure, self-examination due to perception, and gaining relief and detachment. The drama “A Dream of Red Mansions” not only tells the story, but also explores the spiritual connotation of the story.Return to Sohu to see more


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