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As of June, what are the two key changes in the labor regime

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As of June, what are the two key changes in the labor regime

From the thursday june 1 of 2023was launched in Argentina a decree that benefits domestic workers: will grant pension and social security rights for those workers in private homes who were registered to work less or more than 16 hours a week.

Is about an initiative published in February in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Laborwhere it is contemplated that this group of domestic workers can have retirement coverage and have unemployment insurance regardless of the workload labor with which they have to comply.

The measure is based on official statistics compiled by the portfolio that directs Kelly Olmoswhere it is estimated that 1,100,000 domestic workers in the urban sector work in a highly informal situationWhich amounts to over 78% with high turnover rates and low wages.

Domestic workers: What are the changes in retirement coverage

As explained by the labor ministrythis measure has two central changes in the pension and social security system for domestic workers who have registered work. if you are a worker in private homes and you are formalized for less or more than 16 hours, you can access these benefits.

Contrary to what was previously foreseen, that the retirement process required a voluntary contribution from domestic employees to be able to retire if they worked fewer hours than stipulated, it is now matched to conditions with its peers that meet the time regime.

Las domestic workers who have less or more than 16 hours of work under the same regime, they will reconvert that contribution to retire into a deduction from your retirement credit on your paycheck.

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The purpose is that legal coverage is independent of the number of hours contracted.

Domestic workers: What are the changes in unemployment insurance

Regarding the changes in the social security system for domestic workerslas workers in private homes will be able to access unemployment insurance since the new decree takes effect, this Thursday.

In this context, Those who collect unemployment insurance will not lose the right to family allowances that registered domestic employees maintain, that is, that the collection of the Universal Allowance for Children (AUH), Universal Allowance for Pregnancy (AUE) and access to the Food Card.

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