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“At a time when the Cinema is undergoing an attack from TV, the reality of Busca is heroic”

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Silvio Orlando will receive the Alpi del Mare Film Award – City of Busca 2022 tonight ». The career recognition awarded to him by the Méliès film club and the Municipality will be awarded to the Neapolitan actor, at 9pm, at the Lux cinema, by the film critic Giancarlo Zappoli, director of MyMovies. The award ceremony will be followed by the screening of the film in which Orlando is the protagonist: “The hidden child” by Roberto Andò. Ticket 10 euros (mandatory green pass and mask).

Orlando will be back in the Cuneo area on Tuesday with the theatrical show “Life in front of himself”, at the Politeama Boglione in Bra. He comments: «At the age of 64 it is time to take stock, a career award helps to review the work that has been done. The award comes after a good year, marked by two successful films. I started as a comic actor and then I approached tragic and dramatic roles: I’m happy with this path ». A path marked by quality films, with some of the best Italian directors, from Nanni Moretti to Gabriele Salvatores, from Mimmo Calopreste to Pupi Avati, which reflects the proposals of the Buschese film club. «I identify myself with the choices of the young fans of Busca – continues Orlando -. I don’t have a form of cinematic intellectualism, but I also like cultural elites when they need to grow, but they don’t have to become oligarchies. We need to take a step forward, not two ». He adds: «At a time when the Cinema is undergoing an attack, I fear definitive, by TV, a reality like that of Busca is heroic, proposes a consumption of culture not indoctrinated by the small screen, and leaves the possibility to choose. The theater does the same thing: those vibrations are felt only in the hall. I’m glad that in Bra, the show is already sold out ».

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