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“Avenue of Stars” “installs Taiwan” for the people, the people put him in their hearts-China Daily

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If you want to review and sort out the whole year of the film and television industry in 2021, a heavy blow to rectify the chaos of traffic stars will inevitably be a hot topic that cannot be overcome and recorded in the annals of history. However, no matter in the most serious period of traffic congestion, or with the implementation of a series of policies, traffic stars have the tendency to “turn the story”. Since the beginning of 2004, the time-honored “Avenue of Stars” has become more valuable. significance. As a large-scale variety show created by CCTV’s own brand and domestically created, “Avenue of Stars” persists in “installing the station” for the people. The program opens up different music types such as ethnic, bel canto, and popular, without barriers, crossing distances, and highlighting public participation. , Ordinary workers from all walks of life provide a stage for singing, dancing miracles, and expressing themselves. In the past 17 years, the program has come out such as A Bao, Rong Ba Xinna, Yang Guang, Jiuyue Miracle, Jin Meier, Zhang Yu, Wang Mu, Liu Dacheng, Liu Sai, An Yu Cavalry, Bel Canto Four Seasons, Yang Fan, Wang Zining, and Geng Checai. Ren, Li Guang, Aori Qi Leng, Angsa Cairen Yongga, Qiao Libai Yunus, Long Ting, Zhang Xinxin, Huang Qiwen and other popular “popular stars” have sent a large number of images to the society Outstanding singers such as Legend of Phoenix, Li Yugang, Rising Sun Masculine. In the “Avenue of Stars” 2021 finals that just came to an end, Zhang Hongyu, a band agent from Inner Mongolia who worked hard in Shenzhen, won the championship, Zhao Xuefei, a dancer and model performer from Ulan Chabu, won the second place, and a Tibetan guy from Qinghai. Children and kindergarten teachers won the third place in vain.

Humanistic beauty: have both ability and political integrity, with virtue first

This year’s “Avenue of Stars” through the upgrade and revision of the competition system, more prominently emphasized the importance of pushing people and pushing works. For more than ten years, the usual format of the show is “weekly competition, monthly competition, annual finals”. In the past, the competition system focused on intense competition, but there was not enough space to package the players, and it was difficult for the audience to leave a deep impression on the players. From the beginning of this year’s competition, “Avenue of Stars” has undergone a major revision in the program design. The finals adds a group competition that has never been tried before, which compares not only individual strength, but also the centripetal force and unity of the team. . Entering 2022, “Avenue of Stars” will make more attempts and be changed to “four seasons + one annual festival”. Each season will focus on packaging one or two contestants and create one or two widely spread songs. This kind of competition system is to achieve the perfect fusion of “launch newcomers”, “launch works” and “launch champions”.

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Who will launch? What kind of work is being released? “Avenue of Stars” has its own unique thinking. Sima Guang wrote in “Tong Jian of Zi Zhi”: “The talented person is worthy of virtue; the moral person is also handsome.” First of all, the released songs carry the love and yearning of the Chinese sons and daughters for a better life in the new era.

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The program group fully excavated each player’s occupation, personality, and regional characteristics, and vividly presented the three-dimensional appearance of the “popular star” in all aspects. In the finals that just came to an end, the Tibetan guy had two dreams for nothing: one is to build a road for his hometown, and the other is to build a school for the children in his hometown. On the spot, he sang “Crescent Moon Spring”, “Life of All Things” and “Everest” and other three songs with strong regional characteristics, and incorporated Tibetan opera performances into them. His soul is in the singing, and the singing is in the land of dreams. As a kindergarten teacher, he wants to become the eyes of children in the mountains, and constantly expand his horizons, just to return to his hometown one day; Fang Fang from Jiuquan, Gansu, who goes all out because of his love, sings the pride of his hometown with “The Sea of ​​Stars”. Affectionate tribute to the homeland feelings of the astronauts; Na Risha, who inherited her father’s career and became the second generation of Ulan herdsmen, sang “The Return of the Horse” in Mongolian, and the Ulan herdsmen also sent a video for Na Risha. Blessings; Zhang Hongyu, who firmly believes that “parents are not traveling far away” once again sang “Dad” in the finals, expressing his love for his father through singing. The host Zhu Xun also revealed a detail on the spot. After he finished recording the show at one o’clock in the morning, he saw a thin figure who had just rushed to the Beijing scene with a suitcase. The man was Zhang Hongyu’s father. His father’s love was speechless. I couldn’t help crying; Zhang Liang, an optimistic online car-hailing driver, sang “Mortal Song” with a mellow voice of the “healing department” to inspire everyone to achieve extraordinary achievements from the ordinary; Shien’s unforgettable Zhao Xuefei performed “For You” affectionately, and even more in the teacher With the help of “Avenue of Stars”, we are flying higher and higher in the journey of dreaming… “Avenue of Stars” insists on rooting in the people, showing their hearts to the people, playing a role model with noble morals, and enlightening the audience’s hearts with excellent literary works.

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Sense of science and technology: looking up at the stars, down to earth

The people’s stage on the Avenue of Stars, realize their dreams and light up the future. The 2021 “Avenue of Stars” has unique ingenuity in terms of stage beauty. The program extends the avenue to the vast universe on the basis of preserving the avenue. It has a sense of science and technology and a sense of the future, bringing a brand new visual experience to the audience.

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In recent years, China’s aerospace industry has achieved rapid development. It has sprung up in many fields such as Beidou navigation, manned spaceflight, deep space exploration, and delivery systems, and has achieved a series of major scientific and technological achievements. These achievements are not only the pride of all Chinese people, but also an important manifestation of my country’s overall national strength and Japan’s improvement. “Avenue of Stars” invited a national-level dance team that had participated in important events such as the Spring Festival Gala and the Olympics, combined with the current development of aerospace industry, to make an all-round upgrade and revision of the stage presentation. On the stage, the “popular stars” stepped on the avenue and echoed with the universe galaxy above their heads, enshrining the program group’s expectations of “looking up at the stars, down-to-earth”. The “popular stars” who the program hopes to go out here must establish lofty beliefs and ideals. Have the ambition to look up to the stars, but also to be down-to-earth, truth-seeking and pragmatic, with diligent hands and first-class performance to achieve their own wonderful life.

In order to further enhance the audience’s immersive experience, the rotation of the starry sky, the changes of the four seasons, and special effects videos produced according to the specific performance content are perfectly presented with the help of curved screens. In addition, the stage is not only equipped with the five planetary installation elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, but also the element of Big Dipper. Since ancient times, Beidou has provided an important basis for the Chinese to find their way. Through this artistic expression method, the program gives people direction and guidance, in order to awaken more people’s dreams, potentials and kinetic energy.

Influence: bravely shouldering the mission, riding the horse forward

“Avenue of Stars” not only builds a stage for realizing personal dreams, but also helps a wide range of grassroots groups in society. “Avenue of Stars” brings together the bright stars scattered among the people, making it a raging flame that ignites the emotions of the audience and serves the people.

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At the “Avenue of Stars” 2021 finals, the show also contributed “famous scenes” where two 86-year-olds appeared on the same stage. Liu Xingren, an 86-year-old man who has been engaged in judicial work all his life, has been singing for more than 30 years. Not only did he donate pianos to community nursing homes, he also volunteered to teach the elderly to sing every week. The old man Liu Xingren loves to sing. The “I Love You China” co-operated with the Symphony Orchestra of the China Opera and Dance Theater on the spot, the high-pitched voice is like a bell, the low-back is deep and gentle, which won the high praise of the stars and the love of the audience. Liu Xingren’s spirit of living and learning has also provided a steady stream of momentum for the majority of middle-aged and elderly friends to realize their personal dreams. Based on this, the “Avenue of Stars” 2021 finals added a learning shining award in addition to the regular champions, runners-up and runner-ups. When Liu Xingren received the trophy from the 86-year-old performance artist Li Mingqi, he vaguely saw two An ambitious and striving young man…

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“Avenue of Stars” “installs the stage” for the people, the show has been prosperous for seventeen years and proved a truth-“Whoever carries the people on their shoulders, the people will put him in their hearts.”

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