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Buried in Sant’Angelo? They believe that the remains of Emanuela Orlandi are in a Roman castle

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Buried in Sant’Angelo?  They believe that the remains of Emanuela Orlandi are in a Roman castle

Emanuela Orlandi, the teenager who lived with her family in the Vatican and disappeared in June 1983, could be buried in Castel Sant’Angelo, an imposing Roman fortress. Her remains would be next to those of Mirella Gregori, another missing young woman, according to a letter that former carabinieri Antonio Goglia sent to the assistant prosecutor, Stefano Luciani, in charge of reopening the investigation into the Orlandi mystery.

“I inform you that in the basement of Castel Sant’Angelo, behind an armored door, there should be a room of about 20 square meters in which there should be human remains, including those of Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori. The structure should be under the Authority of the Municipality of Rome and therefore it should not be difficult to prepare an inspection,” the letter of Goglia, currently employed in the municipality of San Giorgio a Cremano.

Emanuela Orlandi, 15, was returning home from a flute lesson in Rome when she disappeared near Piazza Navona on June 22, 1983.

According to Emanuela Orlandi’s brother, there is evidence about two people “very close” to Francisco

Emanuela Orlandi, 15, was returning home from a flute lesson in Rome when she disappeared near Piazza Navona on June 22, 1983. The disappearance of the girl, the daughter of a Vatican employee, horrified and intrigued for decades. and the theories about his fate never abated: many are convinced that the Holy See knows more about the case than it has revealed.

in dialogue with Italy Todaythe ex-soldier urged justice to see the photographic material “which should be searched for and displayed to the general public.” “It’s pure madness, how is it possible that they pay so much attention to it?”, reacted, for his part, Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela’s brother. “I’ve known him for years, every time he changes his hypothesis,” he added.

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Emanuela Orlandi

The Vatican will reopen the Emanuela Orlandi case, a mystery that has persisted for almost 40 years

Antonio Goglia says he explained to the Vatican prosecutor “that the telephone call on behalf of the kidnappers made on September 4, 1983 offered several clues, without the operator realizing itdespite mentioning, in addition to the Via Crucis and a basilica, that of Santa Francesca Romana, also a very significant date, July 20″.

It is significant because “on July 20, 1578, a brotherhood was dissolved in a basilica of the papal Stations of the Cross, its members were arrested and burned at the stake.” “The fault of those friars was that they got married, man to man, during mass, receiving communion and reading the Gospel passages related to marriage,” he explained.

Emanuela Orlandi

Asked what this event had to do with the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, Goglia replied: “It has to do with that because the old canon 1058 prohibits marriage between religious, confirmed by the current code of canon law of 1983, the year of the kidnappings of Orlandi and Gregori. The hijackers clearly indicated the number 1058 of the rate in question when they asked that the telephone code for their access to the Vatican Secretariat of State for negotiations be code 158.”

The disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi has been one of the Vatican’s enduring mysteries. Some say it was an attempt to blackmail the Holy See into releasing Mehmet Ali Agca, a Turk jailed in 1981 for attempting to assassinate Pope John Paul II.

The criminal trail of the Emanuela Orlandi case: was she buried in the tomb of a Roman mobster?

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Another theory put forward in 2012 by an exorcist said that was kidnapped by a member of the Vatican police to be used as a sex slave and then murdered.

Some investigations pointed to a connection with the tomb of Enrico De Pedisa mobster buried in a Rome basilica who was a boss within the criminal organization the Band of Magliana. It was suggested that she was kidnapped by members of the gang in an attempt to recover money lost by criminal groups when the Vatican-linked Banco Ambrosiano collapsed.

Emanuela Orlandi

Who was Emanuela Orlandi?

Emanuela, daughter of Ercole and Maria Orlandi, was 15 years old when he disappeared in 1983 while returning home from a flute lesson in Rome, beginning a mystery that has gripped Italy for almost four decades.

As the school year ended, Orlandi continued to take flute classes three times a week at the Tommaso Ludovico Da Victoria School. Usually, Emanuela took the bus to go to school, but on June 22, 1983, she was late for class.

“The girl from the Vatican”: new track of sexual abuse in the case of Emanuela Orlandi

The last time Orlandi was heard from was that day, when he called home and spoke to one of his sisters. in the conversation, Emanuela explained that her delay had been because she was offered a job by a representative of “Avon” cosmetics.. Her sister suggested that she talk to her parents before agreeing.

By some accounts, Orlandi was last seen that day getting into a large, dark-colored (possibly green) BMW.

Emanuela Orlandi

Orlandi was officially declared a missing person that day, and the announcements of his disappearance were published in the newspapers along with the telephone number of his family’s home. In the days that followed, two phone calls were received by people claiming to have met a girl matching the description.

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On June 30, 30,000 posters showing a photograph of Orlandi were put up in Rome and three days later, on July 3, Pope John Paul II called on those responsible for Orlandi’s disappearance to come forward.

They changed it for a motorcycle: the new hypothesis in the case of Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared almost 40 years ago in the Vatican

On July 5, the family received more phone calls. In the first, a man said that Orlandi was kidnapped by a terrorist group that demanded the release of Mehmet. Ali Agca, the Turkish man who shot Pope John Paul II in May 1981.

On the other call, a man with an American accent played a recording of Orlandi’s voice. Later, a man believed to be the same person, called the Vatican and offered to trade Orlandi for Agca, and made several more calls in the days that followed, but were ultimately deemed not credible.


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