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Clowns – Endless

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Clowns – Endless

(c) Matt Oxlade

The last few years have also left their mark Clowns their traces. Given Australia’s nightly curfew, you were often forced to be alone with your own thoughts, which was anything but easy for many. From this inner struggle emerged an album about immortality, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles while opening up to new experiences. „Endless“ pushes the quintet’s sound to its wonderfully crazy extreme.

“Formaldehyde” is a breakwater that only clowns can write – massive, angular, crazy and really stylish. The hardcore punk wrecking ball circles again, the tempo quickly increases as Steve Williams fuels himself through the anthem to his own eternal life. The chorus is quickly roared along, the undertaking is so wonderfully weird. Williams also takes on an important role in “Bisexual Awakening.” Here he is completely himself, no longer wants to be invisible and packs that into 110 gripping, angry seconds that approach the metallic more than ever.

“Quicksand”, on the other hand, hints at an instrumental 80s fanfare and takes about two minutes to fight its way back into familiar territory – a little more rocky, but still rough and rough as always. Bassist Hanny J takes on lead vocals on “Thanks 4 Nothing.” The alternative-leaning track captures restlessness, and so it’s appropriately bubbling beneath the surface. “Z3r0s&0n3s” explores what role AI can and will play in eternal life, caught between digital alienation and breakwaters. Of course, the obligatory experiment should not be missing either. In “A Widow’s Son” the nameless host of the Australian true crime podcast ‘Casefile’, accompanied by, among others, Max Bobzin (Feinecreme Fischfilet) on the trumpet, tells the story of the legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly – not uninteresting, but certainly understated Can be done in eight and a half minutes.

While the finale definitely goes over the top, it has the usual quality all around. Clowns have a lot to say, and a lot of energy has audibly built up that just has to come out. Overall, “Endless” is a bit harder and more direct than its predecessor, but without foregoing punky hymns and rock undertones. Powerful pressure and audible joy of playing put the imaginary handle in each other’s hands… and Clowns confidently continue their series of powerful albums.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: October 20, 2023
Available via: Fat Wreck Chords (Edel)

Website: clownsband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/clownsband

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