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Connections Home: inspiration in every way

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Connections Home: inspiration in every way

Relationship Program with architects and interior designers of the Decortiles brand, to experience a day full of connection, inspiration and transformation. The event is a recognition of the professionals who most specified the brands.

The experience has already started with the reception of participants, who come from different states of the country, with a special lunch at the Restaurante Attofrom the renowned chefLuisa Hoffmann, which is located in Itaim Bibi, one of the best known upscale neighborhoods in São Paulo. The establishment is installed in the house that belonged to the grande dame of the national theater, Cacilda Becker.

Afterwards, the group moved to The House – Museum of the Brazilian Objectto accompany the exhibition Canoe Weft. Inspired by two icons of Amazonian culture – the weft and the canoe – produced with ancestral techniques, the exhibition brings together objects that are essential for the daily life of the man of the forest.

Theme of the show and symbol of the union of indigenous and riverside culture, the canoe is the main vehicle on the paths of the waters formed by the meeting of the Negro and Solimões rivers, near Manaus. Made with only one excavated tree trunk, it serves not only as a means of transport, to look for food and sell products, but also as a means of communication and work, for hunting and fishing.

Another important element of this material culture, the indigenous fabric also makes up the exhibition, giving rise to everyday items, such as baskets, fishing nets, rugs, baskets, vases – all braided, forming infinite designs, with the raw materials of the forest.

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From A Casa to Casa Brasil

After visiting the exhibition, participants arrived at the Brazil House, located on Avenida Brasil, to carry out a tour experience, which brings together architecture and gastronomy. Visiting the space allowed professionals to get to know, up close, the concepts behind each of the novelties that the Decortiles brand brought to the market this year, a mix of colors and textures that enchanted everyone.

Pietro Tardelli – Tardelli Work

At the end of the day, a special moment to celebrate and toast the meeting, and close another Connections House with a golden key. A dinner experience under the command of chef Fabrizio Baratawhere touch, taste and smell were sharpened among the incredible flavors, aromas and textures that took over the roof top of the most charming corner of Avenida Brasil, Casa Brasil Eliane.

Pietro Tardelli – Tardelli Work

To participate in incredible experiences like this, you must be a professional trained in architecture or interior design, and be registered with the Council of Architecture and Urbanism or the Brazilian Association of Interior Design.

To register for the program, simply access the ConnectArch website and fill out the registration form.

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