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Cover Meeting Room|The hit director of the suspense drama “Forensic Qin Ming: Mind Reader” Shi Lei: Control the details and try to restore the real work scene of the forensic

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Cover Meeting Room|The hit director of the suspense drama “Forensic Qin Ming: Mind Reader” Shi Lei: Control the details and try to restore the real work scene of the forensic

Original title: Cover Meeting Room|The hit director of the suspense drama “Forensic Qin Ming: Mind Reader” Shi Lei: Control the details and try to restore the real work scene of the forensic doctor

Shi Lei, director. In 2017, he served as the chief director of the suspenseful online drama “SCI Mystery Collection”; in 2021, he directed the costume drama “Linglong”; later, he directed the martial arts drama “Ye Yanbai”; currently, he directed the criminal investigation drama “Forensic Qin Mingzhi Mind Reader” is on the air.

“Do you believe that dead people can talk?” Along with this question, the time line was dialed back to when forensic doctor Qin Ming first entered the workplace. In the play, Qin Ming (played by Zhang Yao), who just graduated, was involved in a series of tricky and complicated cases as soon as he stepped into Longfan City. Dissecting, examining, collecting clues… Qin Ming and his companions ran to check the scene of each crime, and used professional skills to strip the case and wash away the grievances of the silent dead.

Recently, “Forensic Qin Ming: Mind Reader”, directed by Shi Lei and starring Zhang Yao and Tang Min, is on the air. This drama is adapted from the suspenseful writer Qin Ming’s “The Corpse Whisperer”. With “Qin Ming” returning to his hometown to investigate the cause of his mother’s death, but accidentally involved in a murder case, it slowly spreads a cloud of suspicion. whetted the audience’s appetite. With the help of the cases in the play, “Forensic Qin Ming’s Mind Reader” discusses many social topics such as cyber violence, native family, etc., focusing on social reality under the suspense coat. The display of details such as the “View of Giants” made the audience jokingly call it a “scare drama”. On the occasion of the hit of the show, director Shi Lei was interviewed by the cover news reporter and shared his mental journey of creating the show.


do enough work in advance

“Suspense dramas must respect the audience”

An abandoned dark room, three panicked flashlights, nervous footsteps, when the protagonists turned to the corner, the scene of the crime appeared in front of the camera impressively… Although the crew was “intimate” in key places Mosaic was added, but the fidelity of the rest still scared many viewers into sweat in the hot summer. As Shi Lei, who has directed “SCI Mystery Collection” before, he is very handy in rendering the suspenseful atmosphere.

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“I think the current suspense drama must be real, have a sense of substitution, and must respect the audience.” In order to meet this requirement, Shi Lei and his team did a lot of work before shooting, and checked many live photos of real cases. , and also strive to restore 100% in the production of props. And this kind of control of details, on the first day of shooting, even shocked the forensic instructor at the scene. “We will try our best to restore the real work scene of the forensic doctor.”

In order to ensure the professionalism and correctness of the drama, the crew also interviewed many professional forensic doctors to repeatedly grind to show their awe for life. Shi Lei revealed that during the filming, they will also discuss with the original author Qin Ming, so that their ideas collide and combine with each other. In Shi Lei’s impression, no matter how late or busy, as long as they send a text message to Qin Ming, the other party will always give feedback immediately. “Our original intention for the work is the same, and we all hope that we will not disappoint everyone’s expectations, and we also hope that everyone can pursue it together.”

Focus on social issues

“The social significance of the case deserves attention”

Qin Ming, who has his own aura of “don’t approach strangers”, the gentle and powerful An Ran, and the passionate and loyal Lin Tao, the three people with different personalities in the play continued to fight from the initial friction to fighting side by side all the way, and finally became mutual trust.” Iron Triangle”. The close friendship between the three is a bright part of the play, and it is also a rare tender moment outside of suspense and brain-burning. “Forensic medicine and criminal police are indeed special professions, but they, like us, will have joys and sorrows. The actors will also design some eyes and movements to let everyone empathize together and show a human touch.”

However, the “ambition” of “The Mind Reader of Forensic Qin Ming” is obviously not limited to suspense and tender drama, and almost every case focuses on a certain social reality and human nature. In Shi Lei’s view, the social significance behind each case presented in the play is very worthy of attention. “I hope that those who have lost their way can get back on the right track, and we also hope that when the audience is chasing the drama, they can think that the mistakes are all in that thought.”

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“Forensic doctors read the minds of the deceased, and criminal police are the mind readers of suspects. The sky is wide and the net is sloppy, and no matter how sophisticated the modus operandi is, it cannot escape the pursuit of justice.” Shi Lei believes that every case in the play can be seen The darkness of human nature, and the work of forensics is not as simple as it seems, they can wash away the injustice for the dead and regain their innocence. “Forensics are like the sun, their light shines in every dark place, and that’s what I want to express.”


Reinventing classic IP

“Seeing the real side of forensics”

“Forensic Qin Ming: Mind Reader” is adapted from the classic IP “Forensic Qin Ming”. Before that, there were many film and television works incubated by this series. When it comes to how to recreate such classic works, Shi Lei said: the core of the content is the most important thing. In order to distinguish it from the previous work, the main innovation of “Forensic Doctor Qin Mingzhi Mind Reader” is to see the real side of forensic medicine.

“The average person may think that forensic medicine is a very cold profession. But after I really got in touch with them, I found out that they, like us, will experience a long period of discomfort, but they have to overcome all psychological barriers. It’s really admirable to face these things.”

Whether it’s “The Undertaker” abroad, or the domestic “The Song of Prisoners”, forensic medicine is a popular type of drama in many professional dramas. However, contrary to the popularity of film and television, forensics are relatively unpopular in real life because of the particularity of their profession. In order to amplify the influence of this industry and break some stereotypes, Shi Lei bases the entire play on the expression of human nature. “They are reading corpses and helping the deceased to redress their grievances. They are great. I especially want to praise these people. I also hope that through the excavation of their human nature, everyone can understand and love these professionals.”

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Dialogue with Shi Lei: “I feel sorry for my actors”

Cover news: Some netizens say that you are a “drama star” director, what do you think?

Shi Lei:The director of “Drama” is actually a compliment from fans, but I’m not good at acting. If I act well, I’ll be an actor, right? So usually I can only play with actors behind the scenes, and I can’t take it on the stage at all.

Cover news: In the play, Qin Ming can judge whether it is the first crime scene by the smell of indoor air and dust in different places. Is it a “gold finger” setting?

Shi Lei:I don’t think it’s a golden finger, because there is a specialization in the surgery industry. Qin Ming is a very professional and talented forensic doctor, and his professionalism, observation, and acuity are enough to support the design of this plot. I believe that in the professional field, no matter what industry, there must be this kind of genius that is different from ordinary people, so I believe that there are such people in the forensic industry.

Cover news: This version is the youth version of “Forensic Qin Ming”. Many of them are newcomers and actors. How does it feel to work together?

Shi Lei:I think the three of them look very close to the role, and they are also very hardworking and dedicated. In addition to studying with professional forensic doctors, they will also find some anatomical documentaries to watch. I remember one time when we watched this kind of documentaries together, I couldn’t take it anymore, and they kept watching despite the discomfort. During the filming, it was over 40 degrees in the studio, and they were wearing five-piece protective suits, almost suffering from heat stroke. But they didn’t have any complaints, so I really feel distressed.

Cover news: You said that this drama will dig deeper into the inner emotions of the characters and make the plot more lifelike. So far, has this goal been achieved?

Shi Lei:I think it has come true. In special occupations like forensic medicine and criminal police, you need to control your emotions at work, but the actors show forbearance and anger very well. From the eyes and body movements, everyone can empathize together. It is a humane work.

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