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EA is working on a single-player Iron Man game, sources say

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EA is working on a single-player Iron Man game, sources say

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IT House reported on August 4 that “Iron Man” is a highly popular superhero under Marvel. According to GiantBomb reporter Jeff Grubb,EA is working on an Iron Man game

▼ Movie “Iron Man 3” poster

In addition, another reliable game whistleblower, Tom Henderson, also claimed to have received similar news, but it is currently impossible to determine.

IT House learned that it was previously reported that EA is developing another superhero under Marvel’s “Black Panther“The single-player game, if the revelations are true, then EA may have reached a cooperation with Marvel on multiple projects.

Iron Man is a superhero under the American Marvel Comics. There are many generations of Iron Man, the most famous of which is Tony Stark, the CEO of Stark Industries (STARK INDUSTRIES), because of a conspiracy kidnapping, his chest was pierced by shrapnel, his life is at stake, in order to save his own life, With the assistance of the kidnapped physicist Ho Yinsen (Ho Yinsen), Tony made the Arc Reactor and escaped the disaster. Using the Arc Reactor as a source of energy operation, he secretly created a set of armor. (Mark1) escaped after breaking out of the siege, and later participated in the founding of the Avengers.


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