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Editor’s recommendation – Vulvarine – Heavy Rock from Austria

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Editor’s recommendation – Vulvarine – Heavy Rock from Austria

Origin: Vienna / Austria
Genre: Heavy Rock´n´Roll, Punk
Influences from: The Donnas, Girlschool, The Runaways
Side Fact: The rock’n’roll quintet from Vienna shows a lot of humor on their Facebook account. In order to address the issue of sexism at their live concerts, they nominate the stupidest and most embarrassing comments from men in several video messages for the ultimate Jerk Award 2023. Be sure to watch!

Foto Credit: Aimless Arrow

The energetic Viennese lady combo was founded in 2019. In 2020, during the pandemic, they debuted their first album Unleashed. A difficult time that probably binds a band together even more. Especially when you consider that their style of music screams for you to go on tour and let your hair down live.

They proved how capable the girls actually are live last year. In 2023 they had an impressive 29 live shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Viennese women also released a new EP in October, which has the appropriate name Witches Brew wears, also on the label Tape Capitol Music, on which a lot of emphasis was placed on heavy riffs.

In the end, they stayed true to their style. The punk rock vibes have remained, which would also be suitable for the mainstream if the mainstream dared to accept female punk rock bands. The potential for greater success is definitely there.

Witches Brew It definitely has catchy tunes that stick in your memory the first time you play it. For example, we have the snappy one White Pricks HERE, which stands out with its memorable hook and chorus. My favorite is the variable guitar monster Bad Medication. A track that best describes the girls: wild and rock’n’roll in their blood. Who Vulvarine If you don’t know it yet, you have to do it immediately!

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Line Up
Suzy Q – Gesang
Sandy Dee – guitar
Stasha Shred – Guitar
Robin Breatbreast – Bass
Bea Heartbeat – drums

Vulvarine website
Facebook Vulvarine
Instagram Vulvarine

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