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Elisa Carrió supported Schiaretti joining Juntos por el Cambio and harshly criticized Mauricio Macri

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Elisa Carrió supported Schiaretti joining Juntos por el Cambio and harshly criticized Mauricio Macri

Elisa “Lilita” Carrio, leader of the Civic Coalition, questioned this Sunday the role of the former president Mauricio Macri in the electoral assembly of the opposition. “It has two sides, one light and one dark. The dark side of him is playing so that he loses Together for Change, ”she assured.

He did it in an interview with the Solo Una Vuelta Más program, which is broadcast on the TN cable signal.

Somehow, Carrió pointed out that the former president plays for the libertarian Javier Milei: “I know him a lot and I am the one who accompanied him until the end. To such an extent that Sebastián Etchevere, who was in JxC, is Milei’s candidate in Entre Ríos. More evidence than that…”.

What Elisa Carrió said about the possible incorporation of Schiaretti to Together for Change

On the other hand, he referred to the incorporation of the Cordovan governor, Juan Schiaretti, into space and supported Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: “The one who built JxC with great breadth and destroyed the prejudice of the union between the PRO and radicalism was me. I am for unity and breadth, but I am not getting into the debate table because I am not going to discuss with a leader who is now president of the PRO like (Federico) Angelini”.

Gerardo Morales and Juan Schiaretti (Government Archive of Córdoba)

“I know we need a bigger alliance. I am not an anti-Peronist. You have to be generous, there are valuable people from Peronism who can be incorporated and this was Macri’s criteria”, he indicated and criticized the PRO’s rejection position.

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“The PRO is the one that is generating all the conflict, he has to gather his board and decide. The opening with Schiaretti was asked by Mauricio Macri, with Espert I spoke with Macri. What do you want, for Patricia to lose? Suppose Bullrich wins the internship, will Macri be Patricia’s Cristina Kirchner? The only thing I am saying is that they are doing harm, that they stop, “she said and added:” They are the ones who led us to this disaster.

The intern in Together for the change due to the incorporation of Schiaretti

The Buenos Aires head of government referred to the possibility that Juan Schiaretti, the governor of Córdoba, be included in the electoral assembly of Together for Change and supported his arrival: “JxC has to expand.”

“We have to build a new majority with all of us who share the same values: a deep vocation for change, the defense of freedom, democracy, the republic and the focus on doing over saying,” said the official in a statement on social media.

In this sense, he stated: “I am convinced that to achieve this, and for this change to last forever, we have to expand the space for change that we started with the PRO and Together for Change. In fact, Mauricio and the PRO, the Civic Coalition and Radicalism in 2015 created this space with that conviction: Together we are more than the sum of the parts. And this vocation to expand, to add, has not stopped since then

Eduardo Valdes


The message comes hours after the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, expressed her rejection of Schiaretti’s arrival in the opposition. “It is one thing to expand, another to pile up,” she maintained.

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In addition, Bullrich assured that adding Schiaretti is “losing” the elections in Córdoba. In this regard, Rodríguez Larreta replied: “The conversations with national references such as Juan Schiaretti, José Luis Espert or Margarita Stolbizer have the sole objective of guaranteeing change in Argentina. And in the case of Schiaretti, it does not go against our intention to win the province and the city of Córdoba with Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo, two luxury candidates that I am honored to support.

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