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Enabling the visually impaired to “see” light: From the community to the Paralympic Games

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Incredible Stories: The visually impaired “seeing” light through the power of cinema and community service

An inspiring story of hope and perseverance has emerged from the community of Jiangjiadun in Wuhan, China. Du Chengcheng, a dedicated community worker and a high-level amputee, has been changing the lives of visually impaired individuals through her passion for movies and selfless service.

Having been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis at the age of 11, Du Chengcheng experienced despair and uncertainty about her future. However, her resilience and determination led her to become a community worker, providing support and guidance for individuals with disabilities. In 2010, she seized the opportunity to participate in building a cinema for the blind in Wuhan, merging her love for movies with her desire to help those in need.

Explaining movies to the visually impaired is no easy task. Du Chengcheng diligently watches each movie at least 20 times to create detailed sound narrations that allow blind individuals to form their own understanding of the story. Her efforts to bring the scenes, characters, and emotions to life through descriptive commentary have led to heartwarming responses from the blind community.

With a repertoire of over 300 movies and more than 1 million words of commentary, she has brought light and entertainment to an often-neglected community. Her work has not only provided new opportunities for cultural and social integration but has also opened new choices for blind individuals to relieve depression and inspire hope.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Du Chengcheng has adapted her services by launching an online live broadcast channel, reaching nearly one million people with her movie narrations. Her dedication and love for the visually impaired have not gone unnoticed, as she was commended by the General Secretary Xi Jinping for her meaningful contribution to the community.

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Du Chengcheng’s story serves as a reminder of the power of selfless love and service to change lives and bring light into the hearts of those in need. Her words and efforts have transformed a small black room into a warm paradise for the visually impaired, proving that through compassion and dedication, the light of hope can shine in the darkest of places.

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