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Feng Xiaogang’s “If You Are the One 3” Set to Return to Lunar New Year Screens

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Feng Xiaogang is set to make a return to the Lunar New Year season with the release of “If You Are the One 3” on December 30th, according to a post on the “Feng Xiaogang Film Official Weibo.” The film will once again star Ge You and Shu Qi, and is expected to continue the comedic path of Feng’s previous works.

The film’s plot follows Qin Fen, played by Ge You, and Xiaoxiao, played by Shu Qi, who finally tie the knot but find that their honeymoon is far from over. Xiaoxiao becomes involved with a charity organization working to protect the environment around the world for 20 years. In 2031, Lao Fan, played by Fan Wei, creates an artificial intelligence human capable of resembling a real person. In an effort to relieve Qin Fen’s lovesickness, Lao Fan helps him customize an intelligent human named Xiaoxiao. As Qin Fen grows closer to the intelligent Xiaoxiao, the real Xiaoxiao returns, leaving Qin Fen in a dilemma.

In addition to Ge You, Shu Qi, and Fan Wei, the film will also feature actors such as Li Chengru and Yue Yunpeng. The “If You Are the One” film series has previously enjoyed both box office success and critical acclaim, particularly the first film, which set a box office record for domestic Chinese New Year films. It remains to be seen whether “If You Are the One 3” will be able to recreate the box office success of its predecessors, but fans of Feng Xiaogang’s comedic style have high hopes for the film’s release.

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