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Figueroa’s first setback in the Neuquén Legislature

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Figueroa’s first setback in the Neuquén Legislature

Deputy Guillermo Monzani (Cumplir) asked to speak to request a fourth intermission. He stated that he knew there was “algunas divergencias” regarding the bill to regulate sports and adventure activities in wild areas, of the ruling party, and that it would use that time to “bring some positions closer togetherâ€. It was not enough.

As soon as they resumed the session, the legislator of the Neuquén Popular Movement (MPN), Claudio Domínguez, announced to the person who held the presidency of the Chamber, Zulma Reina, that the bloc was not going to vote on opening a commission to discuss the initiative. .

Those who represent the governor, Rolando Figueroa, in the Legislature needed to gather two-thirds of the votes of those present. There were 26 legislators and they needed 18 hands raised. They harvested 15.

The deputy of the Frente de Todos, Darío Martínez, had also anticipated the position of his bloc.

“Considering that it has not had the debate it deserves and should go to commission, we are not going to allow the body to become a commission either.”said.

The representative who was going to be the informant on the project, Verónica Lichter of the PRO, could not advance.

The result of the vote made the Queen herself hesitate. “Ehmmm, he is going to return to the observer commission in such a way that in the ordinary ones, well, he is going to join the specific commission,†he assured.

what happened

When a project enters the Legislature it takes on parliamentary status and is referred to committees. There it is discussed, and if agreement is reached, it goes to the venue for the vote. That is the traditional way.

As we are in the extraordinary period of sessions, it is the chamber that becomes a commission to discuss it in general and in particular.

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That is why the ruling party needed an aggravated majority to achieve treatment.

In addition to the MPN and the Frente de Todos, deputies Gabriela Suppicich (Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores Unidad) and Brenda Buchiniz (exCumplir) did not support the initiative.

The project

In addition to the prison emergency, The provincial government wanted to discuss in the sessions on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th a package of laws, including a project that created a provincial registry of risk athletes, with the aim of identifying people who intend to perform personally. or with a service provider, recreational activities in wild areas such as trails, mountains, rivers, lakes and forests of the province.

It ranged from mountain trekking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, to horseback riding, cycling, recreational diving, rafting and skydiving.among other.

One of the most controversial points was that it established a sanctions regime. It set fines for logistical operations arising from any rescue, evacuation, medical care and/or damage to the environment, derived from that activity.

This meant that the State would charge a mountaineer, for example, who had to be rescued.

Domínguez explained to Río Negro that the MPN was not opposed to the project, but rather wanted more time to debate it. He even maintained that in 2012, the bloc was promoting a similar proposal.

“We gave them an alternative which was to work with adventure sports service providers, to provide quality in terms of service, whether it was a club, whether it was a limited company, to work with them. For what? So that they have their insurance up to dateâ€added the deputy.

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He pointed out that the solution is not to fine people because that will affect tourism in Neuquén. He argued that providers must be required to have insurance, and if something happens, coverage must be guaranteed. He also stated that it is important to reinforce prevention and signage, for example, on trails precisely to avoid rescues.

Opinion that “The problem that the ruling party is having is that it is closed and capricious.”

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