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Finally, the audience of the ancient costume idol drama Aesthetic Online gave Liu Yifei a good comment jqknews

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The audience has endured the assembly line work for a long time, and the “revengeful praise” was given to Liu Yifei

Finally there is a costume idol drama aesthetic online

Although the costume idol dramas broadcast in the past two years are gorgeous and exquisite, there are almost no works that have come out of the circle by word of mouth. What audiences discuss more often is the large-scale production of costume dramas hitting the streets one after another. The recently launched women’s costume inspirational drama “Meng Hualu” has reversed the decline of costume idol dramas, and the popularity of word-of-mouth continues to increase. Many viewers questioned that compared to other types of big dramas, “Meng Hualu” is simply not worthy of the current level of word-of-mouth. In fact, this drama is sought after, mostly from the same type of costume idol drama. Why did “Menghualu” break through the curse of frequent complaints in costume idol dramas and won applause? Can it be the beginning of a creative turn in costume idol dramas?

 Finally not a fairy sadomasochism

The vivid life of Song people is eye-catching

According to the current trend of word-of-mouth popularity, “Meng Hualu” can basically become the best costume idol drama in the past five years. Due to its good quality, audiences have been giving this drama a lot of praise, and the drama has also marketed popular topics such as “Liu Yifei’s Beauty”, “Liu Yan throwing a man into the water”, “Chen Xiao’s eyes”, and “Liu Yifei’s first drama as an adult”, making this drama a success. The show became a hit when it aired. Some viewers gave Liu Yifei “revengeful praise”, but Liu Yifei’s appearance was not the only factor that caused the drama to become popular. Although this drama still has the routines and flaws of the big heroine drama, the advantages are also obvious.

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First of all, this drama is not an assembly line work adapted from a big IP on the Internet. It loses the theme of immortal sadomasochism that has been seriously exhausted and ungrounded for the audience. Instead, it focuses on the prosperous and ancient life of the Song Dynasty, bringing the audience a Strong freshness.

The play is adapted from the four-fold drama “Zhao Paner Fengyue Saves the Wind and Dust” by Guan Hanqing, a master of Yuan Zaju. It is a contemporary creation of this classic legendary story. It has compiled complex story clues, superimposed elements such as women and suspense, and deliberately portrayed the writings of literati in the Song Dynasty. The life in Bianjing is a story with traditional elegance. The women in business, the businessmen of the Song Dynasty, the elegant taste of the Song people drinking tea, and the Song officials and tricks groups that appeared in the play are a more realistic restoration of the life of the Song people. Characters with historical backgrounds and down-to-earth, returning to the prosperous historical scene of the Song Dynasty are more attractive than the fairy universe of “the four seas and eight wastes, six in harmony with Kyushu”, which are eagerly constructed by large-scale costume idol dramas.

At the same time, “Menghualu” is aesthetically online, and the details are exquisite: the misty and rainy Jiangnan water town, the minimalist style of Song Dynasty’s elegant clothing, the fiery city life, rural taste, as well as all kinds of delicious food, literati and elegant style etc., there is a kind of retro beauty, which is in line with the current trend of traditional culture. The details of this play have been recognized by historical experts. For example, the people in the play stand to hear the trial and fight lawsuits, which are all in line with historical facts.

This drama is a big heroine drama. In the adaptation of Song Yinzhang’s plot, it presents contemporary female consciousness such as “girls help girls” and “women are self-reliant”. The heroine Zhao Paner is also dedicated to her career, surpassing the “love-brained” heroines who keep saying that they want to save the people in the big production fairy love drama, but only care about the sadomasochistic love of the three lives and three generations.

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“Scent” of “Menghualu”

They are all set off from similar dramas

Many viewers questioned that compared to other types of big dramas, “Meng Hualu” is simply not worthy of the current level of word-of-mouth. In fact, this drama is sought after, mostly from the same type of costume idol drama. Although many costume idol dramas produced by “S+” have been broadcast in the past two years, the audience asked more about, “Why do costume idol dramas degrade in appearance?” “Why do big production dramas encounter bottlenecks?” Is there any help?” and other questions. How to transform ancient costume idol dramas with traffic and no reputation has become a topic worth thinking about.

This year, many costume idol dramas such as “Mirror Twin Cities”, “Acquaintance with Jun Chu”, “Just Like the Return of an Old Man” and “Let’s Try the World” have been broadcast. These head costume idol dramas are all the production lines of “Internet IP + top-notch actors + magical universe or overhead romance + upcoming special effects costumes”. This mode has long become a safe sign of costume idol dramas. Stable mass production, winning with data rather than word of mouth. The biggest problem with these dramas is that fairy sadomasochism, master-apprentice love, and double-power saving the common people are all fake and empty stories, and because they are produced according to an aesthetic system or come from the same creative team, the costumes in these dramas The style and tone, filter application, special effects background, etc. are similar. For example, the costume styles of the heroines are not very recognizable in each drama, and the similarity in look and feel will greatly increase the audience’s aesthetic fatigue.

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Statistics show that in the past three years, the vast majority of costume idol dramas are fairy tales and fantasy dramas, and very few have reached a passing score. The top dramas can also get a good number of broadcasts with the help of celebrity traffic and high-density marketing, but the quality of the works. All are lower than the audience’s expectations, and the serious homogeneity of content and subject matter is the biggest problem. Moreover, in recent years, the small and medium-sized low-quality dramas dominated by “ugly men” have disrupted the situation, downgrading the aesthetic taste of costume idol dramas, and affecting the overall reputation.

Blindly holding on to the IP of the Internet, which led to the creation of ancient costume idol dramas, and the audience also became aesthetically fatigued. Costume idol dramas, on the contrary, will attract more attention. It can be seen that only by strengthening originality and exploring stories that are down-to-earth and popular in multiple dimensions will it be more likely to get out of the circle. In the case of the audience’s gradual aesthetic fatigue, “Meng Hualu” is also a work that appeared after the creator adjusted the direction. This innovation of turning to a vivid historical style story is finally aesthetically online.

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Original title: Finally, there is an online audience of costume idol drama aesthetic praise for Liu Yifei


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