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“Fishing the World” officially released, the four major highlights, light up the burden of the movie-watching boom, and continue to laugh, and the audience will laugh and break the defense-Mtime

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Time NewsDirected by Xie Xiaodong, starring Huang Cailun, Hu Bo, Feng Qinchuan, and starring Feng Bo, Li Yixiang, Chen Gang, and Qi Zhi, the comedy movie “Fishing the World” officially landed on the national theaters today. As the best comedy movie of the same period, “Fishing the World” not only brings you a super-luxury lineup of characters, but also surprises in the story layout and production. The four highlights of the film have set off a movie-watching craze. Let’s unlock the exclusive life of “Twist Comedy Youth”!

Fishing the world

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comedy Released in China on November 25, 2021

Aspect 1: Time-oriented positive energy, Chinese wisdom solves world problems

The movie “Fishing the World” focuses the lens on the world in the eyes of the little people, and speaks for every Chinese power and Chinese wisdom that will never fall in the face of difficulties. After experiencing a series of bizarre and dramatic events, Ma Tianyi, played by Huang Cailun, relied on Chinese wisdom and power to solve world-wide problems, combined with the previously exposed material that Huang Cailun angered foreigners such as “Chinese?” The national sentiment has a strong driving force, which can relieve the anger and at the same time arouse the national pride and self-confidence of the audience.

Aspect 2: The burden keeps laughing, and the audience laughs and breaks the defense

The movie “Fishing the World” tells the story of Ma Tianyi, played by Huang Cailun, in order to prove to his lover that he can bring her happiness and want to start a business to make a lot of money. Among the various materials previously exposed, various funny sections and humorous laughs made many viewers call “laughs to break defense” and “laugh out loud”. All kinds of hilarious contrasts madly “fish out” the audience’s laughs. There are a lot of hilarious plots, expect the audience to walk into the theater to experience it for themselves.

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Aspect 3: Create love fairy tales carefully, don’t let those unspoken love become regrets

There is no old-fashioned shyness of “love in the heart” and no old-fashioned miss of “misunderstandings and entanglements”. The movie “Fishing the World” brings the audience the most touching and true appearance of love. Ma Tianyi, played by Huang Cailun, and Hu Yizhi, played by Feng Qinchuan, support each other after the reunion to finally come together, linking everyone’s memories of the times and at the same time making up for everyone’s love regrets about youth. No matter how cold the winter is, you can’t resist the warmth in the eyes of the people you love. This modern love fairy tale will also warm the audience throughout the cold winter.

Aspect 4: Happy twists and laughter presents an excellent interpretation of the show

Although the movie “Fishing the World” was Huang Cailun and Feng Qinchuan’s first partnership, the two collided with the spark of “one plus one is greater than two”. Huang Cailun said bluntly that Feng Qinchuan’s talent made him “angry”, and the way he devoted and thought to the role was admirable; Feng Qinchuan responded that she was even more “terrifying”, perfectly integrated with the character, and full of presence. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that a comedy film starring Huang Cailun has entered the Lunar New Year file. This time, the two powerful actors played a “big play” in the play, when the “twist-style” comedy is in line with the concept of foreign migrant workers becoming rich. Collision, laughter and tears intertwined, warmth is infinite.

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