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The Passing of Another ‘Journey to the West’ Actor: Remembering Yang Qimin

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The Passing of Another ‘Journey to the West’ Actor: Remembering Yang Qimin

Actor Yang Qimin from the 1986 version of “Journey to the West” passed away at the age of 99 on November 2nd. Yang Qimin played the role of Bodhisattva Pilanpo in the popular series. His passing made headlines on mainland Baidu hot search list on November 3rd.

In the 1986 version of “Journey to the West,” Yang Qimin portrayed Bodhisattva Pilanpo, the mother of the Pleiades star official and helped Sun Wukong defeat the centipede spirit known as “The Hundred-Eyed Demon Lord.” Aside from his iconic role, Yang Qimin also appeared in “Suspicious Clouds of the Song Dynasty” and other projects.

Tragically, many individuals related to the 1986 version of “Journey to the West” have passed away. Earlier this year, screenwriter Dai Yinglu passed away in March, and assistant director Ren Fengpo died of an illness in February. Ren Fengpo also played various characters in the series, including “Lingji Bodhisattva,” “Yellow Robe Monster,” the abbot of Jinchan Temple, and stood in for Sun Wukong on Pingding Mountain.

In addition, Beijing performing artist and actor Zheng Rong, known for his role as “Tai Shang Lao Jun,” passed away in December of the previous year. Chief director and producer Yang Jie passed away in 2017, and actress Li Enqi, who portrayed Lishan Mother, passed away in 2013.

Other notable losses include actor Yan Huaili, who played Sha Seng, passing away in 2009, and actor Xu Guanchun, who portrayed Pleiades, passing away in 2001.

The passing of these actors and behind-the-scenes crew members of “Journey to the West” marks the end of an era for the beloved series. These individuals contributed to the success and enduring popularity of the 1986 version, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the hearts of fans.

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According to the mainland media, Yang Qimin’s passing has caused an outpouring of grief and reminiscence among fans of “Journey to the West.” Many are reflecting on the actors’ contributions and the impact the series had on their lives.

As news of Yang Qimin’s passing continues to circulate, fans and colleagues are paying tribute to the actor’s talent and dedication. The legacy of the 1986 version of “Journey to the West” will undoubtedly be remembered through the performances and contributions of these individuals who have sadly left us.

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