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FMACM Releases New 2022 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook

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FMACM Releases New 2022 Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook

FMACM officially released the new 2022 autumn and winter series, which unfolded from the Coca-Cola advertisement “everything’s better when we’re open”, grasping the pun of “open”, expressing “the current society and individuals need to open themselves and make communication easier, Secondly, FMACM may also be another choice for your dressing needs, please open FMACM. Since the birth of the Internet, the cursor arrow is your alter ego in the Internet, as an interactive tool and entrance, entering the era of information explosion , everyone chooses a different world and window and opens it.” concept. Diverging with the above concept, the arrow symbol has become an important carrier of FMACM this season, which appears in the clothing design in a unified and orderly manner, as if it means that the products of FMACM are selected by you with the cursor arrow.

In terms of clothing, FMACM’s new 2022 autumn and winter series this time brings suit jackets, black and white sports suits, pullovers, silhouette trousers, flight jackets, long coats, cotton jackets, denim jackets, jeans and other items, with arrow symbols, etc. Element rendering. In addition, FMACM has planned and presented the concept of a new series through the special planning method of “My body my choice” through TEAM FMACM, aiming to advocate that everyone’s choice should be understood, respected and inclusive.

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