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From Norwich to Pingle Town: Yan Ge’s Journey of Writing and Rediscovering Her Hometown

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Yan Ge, an acclaimed Chinese author, has been building her literary universe of “Pingle Town” more than 8,000 kilometers away from her hometown. Living in Norwich, England, Yan Ge found herself longing to reconnect with her roots and the stories of her native Pingle Town. She described the process as isolating, as she was surrounded by the English language and had to create her own space to transport herself back to her hometown.

Yan Ge’s journey began over a decade ago when she left Pingle County to pursue her studies abroad. She lived in the United States and Ireland before settling in the United Kingdom. As her surroundings and language changed, her writing shifted to English, and her works began to gain recognition in the English-speaking world.

However, Yan Ge found herself unable to write in Chinese when she revisited her “Pingle County breaking latest news” in 2021. She felt disconnected from her mother tongue and struggled to capture the essence of Pingle Town in her writing. The challenge of conveying the cultural nuances and warmth of Pingle Town to an English-speaking audience posed an additional obstacle.

Despite the difficulties, Yan Ge persevered, immersing herself in the world of Pingle Town. She locked herself in a small room, recited the plot in Sichuan dialect, and imagined herself back in Pixian County. Her husband, unable to comprehend what she was writing, supported her creative process by taking care of their children and household chores.

Finally, in early 2023, Yan Ge completed her “Pingle County breaking latest news.” This novel explores the story of Fu Danxin, a character who initially appeared in one of Yan Ge’s short stories from her “Pingle Town Sad Stories Collection.” Fu Danxin, a prodigious child in Pingle Town, faces a scandal that tarnishes his family’s reputation and alters the course of his life.

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Through her writing, Yan Ge aims to better understand her characters and the intricate web of narratives that make up Pingle Town. The “Pingle Town” trilogy and “Pingle County breaking latest news” serve as fragments of this larger universe, allowing Yan Ge to navigate the intricacies of her hometown and the lives of its inhabitants.

Yan Ge’s dedication to her literary universe demonstrates her commitment to preserving and sharing the stories of Pingle Town. Despite the challenges of distance and language, she has managed to bridge the gap and reconnect with her roots through her writing. With the completion of “Pingle County breaking latest news,” Yan Ge continues to build upon her bustling and lonely “Pingle Town.”

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