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Fujifilm Launches INSTAX Pal ‘Photography Wizard’: A Mini, Colorful, and Smart Camera for Photo Enthusiasts

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Fuji Instax Launches New Smart Camera “INSTAX Pal Photo Wizard” at Product Launch Event

October 17, 2023 – Shenzhen, China: Today, Fuji Instax held its autumn new product launch conference at Coco Park in Shenzhen, announcing the official release of its highly-anticipated smart camera – INSTAX Pal “Photo Wizard.” This compact and colorful camera aims to make photography more convenient and enjoyable for users, marking the introduction of a new product line by Fujifilm’s Instax brand.

The Pal “Photo Wizard” is a smart camera that focuses primarily on shooting functions. Designed to provide a distraction-free photography experience, it allows users to fully concentrate on capturing and recording moments without being overwhelmed by the plethora of features available on smartphones.

Available in five vibrant colors – Gentleman Black, Denim Blue, Succulent Green, Cat Claw Pink, and Snowball White – the Pal Photo Wizard offers a range of options to suit different aesthetic preferences. The Gentleman Black variant, for instance, utilizes imitation metal-like chrome plating technology, adding a touch of fashion to the device.

Weighing only 41g, the Pal Camera Wizard is lightweight and easy to carry around, ensuring its practicality for users on the go. By using the exclusive application, users can generate electronic INSTAX photos in three different sizes – mini, SQUARE, and WIDE – for easy sharing on various online platforms. Additionally, the Pal’s exclusive app offers a plethora of fun features, including over ten filters, customized pre-shutter sound effects, dynamic photo paper production, and more, allowing users to exhibit their individuality.

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Owners of Instax Link series mobile photo printers, LiPlay, and Evo digital-analog primary imaging cameras can also utilize these models to print physical photos in corresponding sizes, expanding the Pal’s versatility.

The distinctive shape and vibrant colors of the Pal Camera Wizard have captivated the attention of guests at the launch event. Fujifilm has also designed five limited-edition gift boxes catering to the expression of individuality by Generation Z. These whimsical gift boxes come with stylized peripherals, making the Pal Camera Wizard not just a smart camera but also an exquisite fashion accessory.

The “Gentleman Black” gift box exudes a sense of low-key fashion, including a camera mini tripod, bead chain bracelet, camera storage chain bag, and bow hanging ornaments, perfectly complementing a playful, sweet, and cool style. On the other hand, the “Snowball White” gift box portrays elegance and purity, accompanied by a snowball bracelet, snowball plush storage bag, and snowman hanging ornaments.

For those who prefer a retro aesthetic, the “Denim Blue” gift box includes a denim lanyard, a hat camera storage bag, and denim clothing hanging accessories. The “Cat Claw Pink” gift box, with its adorable pink color, features a cat paw camera lanyard, cat paw camera storage bag, and cat paw mirror decoration, recreating a Y2K atmosphere. Lastly, the “Succulent Green” gift box represents freshness and vitality, featuring a woven hand rope, woven drawstring camera bag, and cactus hanging ornament, showcasing youthfulness and energy.

Additionally, Fuji Instax has launched a crystal case, silicone case, tripod, and neck strap for standalone users, providing four beautiful and practical accessories to enhance the Pal Camera Wizard’s applicability in different scenarios. Alongside the launch, Fuji Instax is also introducing one-time imaging mini lavender purple photo paper for users seeking a unique touch.

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The INSTAX Pal “Photo Wizard” will be available for purchase starting October 17th. The standalone model will be priced at a media-suggested price of 899 yuan/unit, while the limited color variant in Gentleman Black will be priced at 1,199 yuan/unit. The limited Pal “Photo Elf” gift boxes in China, including Snowball White, Denim Blue, Succulent Green, and Cat Claw Pink, will be priced at a media-suggested retail price of 1,099 yuan/set. The Gentleman Black (limited color) gift box will be available at 1,399 yuan/set. The one-time imaging mini lavender purple photo paper will be priced at 69 yuan/box.

With the launch of the INSTAX Pal “Photo Wizard,” Fujifilm’s Instax brand continues to build on its commitment to deliver innovative and user-centric products that enhance the joy of photography. Whether capturing everyday moments or creating memories, this smart camera offers convenience, creativity, and a touch of charm to users worldwide.

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