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The collection is inspired by a magical dream, in which a female leader on horseback stands on the top of a volcano. The colors of the palette are taken from the pictures in the dream. In the world of horses, the abstract swirl shapes from Gabriela’s designs are embossed onto leather. There is always an unchanging symbol in its design draft, that is, a pattern consisting of a spiral with three dots. In previous autumn/winter collections, these swirls were used as cutouts for leather lace. The collection does not use the brand logo, so these personal characteristics become the obvious identity.

On tailored jackets and coats, handcrafted leather through an embossing process features double-embossed metal button details, wrapped and secured with leather cords, eliminating the need for traditional fastening details. The seams are hemmed with overlock stitches for the icing on the cake.

The deep V-neck dress features an armored bodice crafted from the same embossed leather, contrasted by the tunic sleeve detail and silk skirt that reaches to the ankle.

Crafted from recycled cashmere, the coat features wide lapels for a sleek silhouette, blanket overlock detailing and double-covered, embossed metal buttons.

Whether it’s a slouchy blazer or a fitted slip dress with straps at the shoulders, it’s crafted from lustrous, heavy silk and is available in champagne and black. Belt details can also be seen in leather goods.

The silk fabric is reminiscent of cashmere, but gives it a light and dynamic feel.

Crafted from heavyweight silk, this fitted dress has a ribbed knit bodice with heavyweight silk slit sleeves and a bias-cut hem that adds a slouchy vibe.

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The rib-knit sleeves are detailed with grooves that complement the leather for a modern top in a minimalist silhouette. In Gabriela’s design, abstract stitching details frame the delicate neckline and side panels to accentuate the elegant figure and rich sleeve detailing, crafted from aloe-soaked breathable linen and double-faced crepe to make.

Gabriela’s bold, abstract prints are laid on silk for a voluptuous silhouette.

The lace knit dress is hand-crocheted from 100% cashmere and made in Italy. Each pattern is made individually and then stitched together into an abstract swirl pattern inspired by Gabriela’s hand-painted work. In addition, we use fisherman’s thread mixed with multi-color tweed textiles in a variety of silhouettes, including ankle-length capes.

Taking inspiration from Gabriela’s paintings, we designed a colorblock pattern in the fabric, each block made with a different stippling stitch. There is also a pleated skirt infused with knitwear.


We partnered with ELV Denim to upcycle post-consumer waste denim. Splicing denim in abstract arcs over flared pants contrasts with the pattern on a shirt.

ELVDENIM is an acronym for East London Vintage Denim, and all its products are designed and produced in East London. All of the company’s products are upcycled from recycled denim.

“Gabriela is an incredibly generous collaborator. Honest beauty is created by those who believe in fearlessly sharing their creations.

During our first conversation, I created the first draft of jeans, inspired by pictures of my mother on Gabriela’s desk. I learned later that the mood board she shared later exemplified the design of this manuscript, which was the basis of our collaboration. My mother was also a great source of inspiration for me, so our shared view of the family made us sympathize with each other. Our brands reflect our beliefs, and when our values ​​align, we know we’re working towards a common goal.”

  • said Anna Foster, founder and creative director of ELVDENIM.
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“The water required to make a pair of jeans is equivalent to 13 years’ worth of water for a person. I think I have to ‘cover’ the environmental and social costs of consumption and allow the waste materials to be reused”,

  • ELVDENIM founder and creative director Anna Foster continued.

Each ELVDENIM piece is unique.


We present an updated Striker sandal with a platform made of natural cork and accented with contrasting flames. A new colorway has been added to the Virgil slippers, whose natural rubber insole is made from the latex of the rubber tree. The midsole is made of natural cork.

This season we’ve created a slip-on boot inspired by the horse with a pointed almond toe, sloping Cuban heel and pull tab. The boots feature the signature handcrafted herringbone stitching, a nod to the brand’s craftsmanship. Intricate crochet work with seasonal colors outlines the elegant silhouette of pointed-toe ballet slippers. The cotton crochet is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and the signature blanket overlock stitching blends the soft nappa leather upper with the textured forefoot.

Classic unisex lace-up sneakers crafted from premium Italian leather with a natural rubber outsole. The rubber outsole is made from the latex of the rubber tree.

Leather Goods & Accessories

The horseshoe-shaped belt buckle is named “Lucky Bill”, inspired by the belt used by Gabriela’s father-in-law.

For the Resort 2023 collection, we used the logo as a buckle for our belts and handbags.

In this collection, the new Nina bag features an abstract swirl pattern created by laser cutting.

We also have a unique boot with a raised leather sole on the sides to mimic the toe section of a boot, and a laser-cut abstract swirl pattern on the upper.

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Buckle shoulder bag in calfskin with delicate enamel inlaid on the loop and top, with enlarged wavy detail on the edge of the bag.

New this season, a leather rope key ring necklace. A bold, rose gold double-ring key ring finished with an adjustable push-button gold ball.

About Gabriela Hearst

After taking over her father’s family ranch in Uruguay, Gabriela Hearst launched her eponymous label in New York in the fall of 2015, hoping to carry on the family spirit and convey the slow-life aesthetic she advocates: each piece is carefully crafted , timeless and endowed with a unique meaning. Gabriela firmly believes that expensive is not synonymous with quality, but practicality. Therefore, with refined craftsmanship, eternal classics, and sustainable fashion as the core concept of the brand, and integrating sincerity and conscience into luxury design and production, Gabriela Hearst has the distinction of being different from others. The unique charm of the brand. In 2018, Gabriela was appointed to Save the Children’s board of directors. In November 2018, the Gabriela Hearst flagship store opened on Madison Avenue, New York, and in August 2019, another flagship store opened on Brook Street, London.Return to Sohu, see more

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