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He went to the hospital for a toothache and passed away hours later.

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He went to the hospital for a toothache and passed away hours later.

A 23-year-old man died early Wednesday morning after receiving medical attention for a toothache. He happened in a hospital in Villa Regina, province of Black river. His family denounced malpractice.

The victim was identified as Diego Soto and his family requested a exhaustive investigation to Justice. According to the autopsy, the oil worker lost his life due to “acute pulmonary edema.”

The episode was triggered after the man attended the Villa Regina hospital for a severe toothache, last Tuesday night. There, he was given an injection and he was sent to his home. “The next day he had to go to work in Neuquén. He was calm. We went to bed and he woke up scared, he told me that he couldn’t move, ”Abril Suárez, Diego’s partner, told the Rio Negro Diary.

The young man went to the hospital for a toothache and lost his life hours later. (TN)

“I incorporated it into the bed and there it vanished. We decided to call his parents. He was conscious and lucid, we even talked with his parents, ”added the young woman.

Octavio Soto, brother of the victim, added to the story. “He didn’t feel his legs or his arms,” he stated. As a result of this, they decided to call an ambulance, although they ended up taking him to the medical center by their own means.

Around 6 in the morning on Wednesday, a nurse told them that Diego had gone on strike. After about 20 minutes he lost his life. “We did everything possible but the strike did not overcome,” they were told.

Malpractice in Río Negro

Shocked, the family remarked that Diego was a healthy young man and that he had recently been studied before joining the oil company. “He liked to play sports, he used to bike and go running,” said his partner.

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They maintain that there was mala praxis, since they never explained the paralysis he had “or anything that could have happened to him.” “We made the complaint and asked for the autopsy. At first the doctor did not want them to do it and she told us that the Hospital was going to take care of it ”, they related.

A pregnant woman died

The preliminary results of the autopsy revealed that Soto died of “acute pulmonary edema.” “Now it is necessary to carry out subsequent analyzes and for this, samples have already been taken to carry out toxicological and hispathological studies,” they explained from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

We are the first to want to know what happened. And that is why we are waiting for the results of the autopsy to find out the reasons that led to the death of the resident of Villa Regina,” they explained from the Ministry of Health of the Province, which explained that the young man received an injection with diclofenac and dexamethasone the day Tuesday.

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