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HORRESQUE – New video for the second single online

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HORRESQUE – New video for the second single online

After the first single “Hermann’s End” by HORRESQUE a few weeks ago, the second single “A Mendacious Myth” is finally available in the form of a lyric video worth seeing.

They are the depths of the human mind; it is the cruel and vile nature of man that drives everything HORRESQUE stands for. Grim and powerful, high energy, deep black death metal with a unique twist of double guitar melodies, relentless and powerful drumming and manic vocals – Horresque don’t sound like any other. The lyrics are unique – authentic stories that unvarnished the depths of the human psyche.

HORRESQUE’s guitarist SD is a member of the German black metal legend ‘Nocte Obducta’, the Egyptian death metal act ‘Crescent’, ‘Slidhr’, and works as a live musician for bands like ‘Los Males del Mundo’ and ‘Heretoir’. Singer MR has already tormented his vocal cords for the German death metal institution ‘Discreation’.

After releasing a three-song demo in 2016, the band’s debut album ‘Chasms Pt. I – Avarice and Retribution’ was released in February 2020 by The Crawling Chaos Records from Cologne. During Covid19 the band filmed a 30 minute DIY live video called ‘Live Chasms’, released in collaboration with Metal Injection and was part of the finale of the ‘Slay at home’ series.

Watch the video for “A Mendacious Myth” here:

HORRESQUE have made a name for themselves as a relentless and powerful live act. They have already booked gigs supporting bands like Afsky, Desaster, Deserted Fear, Downfall of Gaia, Fleshcrawl, Gaerea, Grima, Imperium Dekadenz, Kanonenfieber, Thron, Thulcandra and Uada. Horresque were also hired for the Heidelberg Death Fest, the Partysan Herbstoffensive and the De Mortem et Diabolum.

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The second album ‘Chasms Pt. II – The Devouring Exorbitance’ was recorded at Woodshed Studios in Landshut under the masterful hands of Victor Santura. Cover art and layout were created by Irrwisch Artdesign.

As on the debut, the lyrical concept points to the seven deadly sins – Chasms Pt. II – will focus on gluttony, lust and the very mundane quality of abuse of power.

The band about the collaboration and the new album:
“We are proud to announce that we have decided to release our sophomore effort ‘Chasms Pt. II – The Devouring Exorbitance’ have teamed up with Supreme Chaos Records.
For this record, we reinvented ourselves in the creative process, committed ourselves wholeheartedly to these songs, and redefined our interpretation of blackened death metal.
We are looking forward to working with Supreme Chaos Records, a real quality address for the extreme metal underground!!!
As the first taste of the new record we chose the song ‘Hermann’s End’, a track that gets straight to the point, uncompromising, fast, driving. Perfect for our live gigs – and that’s why we shot the corresponding video at a concert last October.”


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