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Huang Xiaoming Shares Upcoming Works for Summer: ‘The Lurker’ Set to Air at End of July

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Huang Xiaoming Shares Upcoming Works for Summer: ‘The Lurker’ Set to Air at End of July

Huang Xiaoming to Release Three Works During Summer Vacation: “The Lurker” to Air at the End of July

Sohu Entertainment News (Hu Tutu/Text) – On the evening of July 21, the highly anticipated female inspirational variety show “Chengfeng 2023” came to an end after captivating audiences for over three months. One of the key figures of the show, Huang Xiaoming, fondly referred to as an “old man” by viewers, recently revealed his upcoming projects during an interview with the media.

Huang Xiaoming shared that this summer, in addition to “Chengfeng 2023,” which has now concluded, he will be presenting three other works to cater to the audience’s entertainment needs. These include the variety show “Chinese Restaurant 7,” the movie “The Last Truth,” and the spy drama “The Lurker.”

During the interview, Huang Xiaoming humorously referred to himself as “Master Duan Shui” while teasing his fans. He expressed his desire for the audience to watch “Chinese Restaurant 7” alongside “Chengfeng 2023.” He said, “Everyone says that I am a master of Duanshui, so I have to keep Mingde and have a bowl of water that is flat, so that everyone can follow both shows.”

In the upcoming movie “The Last Truth,” Huang Xiaoming will portray a professional lawyer. This marks his second time playing a similar role, after his performance in “The War of the Roses” alongside Yuan Quan. The film is currently scheduled for release on August 25, and Huang Xiaoming is eager for the audience to step into theaters and experience his latest work.

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Additionally, Huang Xiaoming will be starring in the spy war drama “The Lurker,” produced by Xinli Media, alongside Jiang Xin. This highly anticipated drama is tentatively scheduled to air at the end of July on CCTV 8. Huang Xiaoming expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I hope everyone will join us in watching this drama.”

As summer vacation heats up, fans of Huang Xiaoming can look forward to indulging in a variety of entertainment offerings from their beloved star. From reality shows to movies and dramas, Huang Xiaoming promises to deliver an exciting and diverse range of performances for his audience to enjoy.

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