Home Entertainment In July, the best domestic films will be released together in the summer._film_movie_Huang Bomo

In July, the best domestic films will be released together in the summer._film_movie_Huang Bomo

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In July, the best domestic films will be released together in the summer._film_movie_Huang Bomo

Original title: The best domestic films will be released together in the summer of July

(Reporter Qin Hua) The reporter learned from the Henan Oscar Cinema that the film market will usher in a number of exciting new films in July.

On July 1, the anti-epidemic film “You Are My Spring” starring Zhou Dongyu, Yin Fang, Song Xiaobao, Huang Xiaoming, Song Jia and others held an exclusive “Love Together” at Oscar Huijin Cinema. The film depicts a group portrait of ordinary Chinese people fighting against the epidemic from the perspective of small people. Dozens of outstanding filmmakers interpret the “truth” with “true feelings”. After the viewing, the audience was moved to tears. Every ordinary “you” “I” are the protagonists of life, and every heart that strives to face difficulties and protect life with heart has a “weight”.

On July 8, the movie “Detective War”, which was written, directed and supervised by Wei Jiahui, one of the “Galaxy Iron Triangle”, starring Liu Qingyun, Cai Zhuoyan, Lin Feng, Li Ruotong, etc., landed on the big screen. The film is a combination of suspense, action, and thriller. Liu Qingyun once again challenges the complex role of multiple personalities, and solves the mystery with the sword. The most violent film of the year is about to bring the audience an extreme sensory impact.

The “model worker” in the film market in July is none other than Huang Bo. In addition to the producer “You Are My Spring”, the fantasy comedy movie “Mozart in Outer Space” starring him will meet you on July 15. In the film, Huang Bo, the “dominant father”, forced the “resentful son” Rong Zishan to practice the piano, vowing to train his son to become a pianist, but the mysterious alien agent “Mozart” was suddenly dropped in his home, and his superpowers turned over frequently. On the other hand, Yao Chen, Xu Juncong, Yu Yang formed the “Fucking Group”, and Fan Wei’s “Confused Grandpa” came to the table one after another.

After “Nezha’s Devil Child Comes into the World” and “Jiang Ziya”, Caitiaowu’s new sci-fi masterpiece “Out of the Earth” will be released on July 16. The film is adapted from “Star Travels”. It took six years of preparation and production. The sci-fi adventure of the future is about to begin.

On July 22, there will be another animated movie “Erlang Shen: Deep Sea Flood Dragon” released. What kind of fantasy adventure will Yang Jian face this time? let us wait and see.

On the last weekend of July, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, the film “The Band of Seven”, co-directed by Sammo Hung, Hui Anhua, Tan Jiaming, Yuan Heping, Johnnie To, Lin Lingdong and Tsui Hark, was released. The seven famous directors rarely work together, showing the development and changes of Hong Kong along the way through seven unit stories, showing the light and shadow of Hong Kong’s era spanning more than half a century.

In another report, starting from July 1, the State Film Administration will launch screenings and broadcasting activities for the top 20 outstanding films of the party across the country, and will gather and show “Operation Red Sea”, “The Wandering Earth”, “The Climber”, “My Motherland and Me” and “My Motherland”. 20 outstanding domestic films, including Captain China, Home at One Point, King Kong River, and Winning the Championship. At that time, the Oscar cinema chain will launch the “Welcome to the 20th National Congress – 2022 My Film Party Class” activity in conjunction with the screening of films, providing a good opportunity for government agencies, enterprises, institutions and party organizations at all levels to carry out film party classes, party history learning, and party branch activities. platform.Return to Sohu, see more


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