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Irma Dorantes: “There is no actor who can play Pedro Infante”

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Irma Dorantes: “There is no actor who can play Pedro Infante”

Irma Dorantes Rejects Netflix’s Bio-series on Pedro Infante

Actress Irma Dorantes, the ex-wife of beloved Mexican singer and actor Pedro Infante, has spoken out against Netflix’s bio-series about the iconic figure. According to Dorantes, no actor has the qualities to play the person who was her great love. She expressed her displeasure with the bio-series, “Like Fallen from the Sky,” which features Omar Chaparro as Infante. Dorantes is convinced that, in her opinion, no actor has the charisma or natural gifts similar to what Infante had and should not be portrayed in fictional stories.

Dorantes declared that if it were up to her, she would not allow the idol to appear in more fictional stories. She believes that depicting Infante with other actors will result in him being ridiculed and distorted, and advocates that the public remembers him with the love and admiration they have for him.

The bio-series also addresses Dorantes’ relationship with Infante, which began when she was just 13 and he was 30, and culminated in a controversial marriage that was later annulled. The most tragic and bitter moment of their romance came after Infante’s death in a plane crash in 1957. The legal and social complexities of their relationship and the pain of not being able to attend his funeral add to the complex legacy that Dorantes carries as she continues to love and remember the iconic figure.

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