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Kugou and Uni-President Shuangcui Refreshing Crossover Come to Kugou to listen to Hacken Lee this summer-Qianlong.com.cn

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Kugou and Uni-President Shuangcui Refreshing Crossover Come to Kugou to listen to Hacken Lee this summer-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Kugou and Uni-President Shuangcui Refreshing Crossover This summer, come to Kugou to listen to Hacken Lee

How else can music + brands cooperate? At the end of May, Kugou Music joined forces with Sprite Cool Shuang to open up new horizons for young people with a new audio-visual mode of “music + scene”. June has just started, and Kugou has played new tricks again, upgraded the cooperation and unified double-cue, and launched “The Messenger of Tea Protector” sung by Hacken Lee, providing more refreshing summer music for people who are willing to enjoy music.

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1+1>2kugou music”cooperate+”The track goes further and further

This time, Kugou Music “using tea as a medium” joined hands with Unified Shuangcui to upgrade and cooperate to create a deep integration of products and brands, and to iterate new ways of playing for the current cross-border integration track. The powerful combination of music platform + product + brand has exclusively customized a trendy gameplay for contemporary young people who dare to pursue fashion and fresh experience, attracting more and more people’s attention; there are even singers with their own aura and traffic ” Hacken Lee’s support added more fresh elements to the music, full of fun, and made fans who have loved singers for many years “beautiful”; while Kugou Music’s creative interaction and promotion increased exposure and also Let the brand have a richer connotation and meaning.

Hacken Lee incarnated as “tea protector” brand new MVRefreshing

On June 2, Hacken Lee’s new single “Tea Protector” was launched on Kugou Music, bringing you a brand new audio-visual experience. The song is adapted from “The Messenger of Flowers”. With a “high, clear, bright” voice and a familiar melody, it once again pokes the hearts of countless people. “Mix and match”, the perfect fusion of songs that you can’t get tired of listening to and tea that you can’t drink, bringing a refreshing “tea fragrance” to the hot summer.

Deep integration of brand and productunlockCross-border new gameplay

Uni-President’s double-extracted duck feces-flavored lemon tea has been loved by the public since its launch, and it has become the “standard product” for people of all ages to relieve dryness and relieve heat in the hot summer. For this refreshing tea drink product, Kugou Music has also done a lot of work in the three-dimensional announcement of the “full camp”, as long as you enter “Hacken Lee”, “Unified Shuangcui”, “Hu Cha” in the song comment area “Messenger” and “Flower Guardian Messenger” will randomly drop surprise eggs, and the summer is refreshing and tangy.

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When users enter the Kugou Scene Music and Mood Zone, the first thing that catches their eyes is the “Eastern Egg on the Screen”, showing the strong brand of Uni-President Shuangcui. Exclusive customized “Shuangcui Duck” super cute animation icon, clicking to play will show different emotions, there are emoji packs such as happy, happy, and miss you, which will melt people’s hearts in minutes; there are a large number of songs related to emotions in the mood zone , your mood depends on your heart, who would not want to start an undefined refreshing music journey this summer?

The “full camp” three-dimensional publicity, high-frequency exposure, and interesting interactive design have ushered in a super perfect fusion of Kugou Music and Uni-President Shuangcui, bringing the public a more refreshing music experience and more Wonderful new gameplay. Quickly open Kugou Music and search for “Tea Protector”, let’s explore multiple new ways to play together!

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