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legislative court in the center of Viedma – Diario RÃo Negro

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legislative court in the center of Viedma – Diario RÃo Negro

In a day marked by tension and mobilization, the legislative workers of Río Negro, represented by the APEL union, They carry out a four-hour retention of service in the provincial Legislature. This measure, which is added to previous actions, Its main objective is to demand salary improvements that have been postponed for several months.

San Martín Street, where the Legislature is located, remains closed due to the protest, has the active participation of legislative employees, who express their discontent at the lack of responses from the authorities.

Photo: Marcelo Ochoa.

Río Negro Legislature revolutionized: the bonus was not enough

Vice Governor Pedro Pesatti had previously announced the granting of a bonus of $80,000 pesos for the month of February, but this measure was not enough to calm tensions, since the scheduled meeting with the union was suspended, further exacerbating the unrest among workers.

Gustavo Morón, secretary general of APEL, expressed his concern at the lack of progress in salary negotiations, pointing out that “Since November of the previous year they have not received any salary adjustment.” Furthermore, highlight “the delay on the part of the authorities and the absence of concrete proposals on the dialogue table”.

In relation to the bonus announced by Pesatti, Morón stressed that, “Although it was offered, it was rejected by the union, considering it insufficient.” Likewise, he regretted the lack of communication and dialogue with the authorities, emphasizing that “The workers are focused solely on improving their salary conditions and do not want to get involved in internal political disputes”.

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In the absence of a salary offer concrete by the employers, the workers decided to remain in a state of permanent assembly and continue with forceful measures in the coming days. However, they leave open the possibility of resuming negotiations if a proposal is presented that is evaluated and considered appropriate by the union.

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