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Leticia Calderón Confirms New Relationship But Keeps it Low-Key

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Leticia Calderón Confirms New Relationship But Keeps it Low-Key

Leticia Calderon Confirms New Love Relationship

After a period of singleness, Leticia Calderón happily announced that she is enjoying a new love relationship. The actress revealed in mid-2022 the end of a relationship with a man whose identity she kept confidential, and now makes it official that she is experiencing a new romance.

“Indeed, I am in love, I am happy. Although things are not yet fully formalized, I think it is important to live in the moment,” said the actress, who has always remained reserved about her private life.

Leticia Calderón preferred not to give details about the identity of her new partner, choosing to maintain a certain discretion regarding her love life. The actress confirmed that her children remain her priority and she remains focused on their well-being.

“Obviously, I am dedicating a lot to my children, too. Obviously, I am in love with them, I drool over them, so right now my priority is my children,” she commented.

Leticia was conclusive: “I’m dating someone, but right now it’s nothing formal.”

In December 2023, Leticia Calderón confirmed that she was not closed to love but she did ask for an important condition in her partner, that each person live in their house: “He in his house and I in mine. Each one her space. An extra toothbrush in my bathroom would make me crazy,” the actress shared.

In addition, she revealed the qualities she values ​​in a man for a possible relationship: “That he is safe and honest.” He stressed that these characteristics are of utmost importance for him to consider starting a romantic relationship with someone.

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