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LINE FRIENDS and Hasbro’s Transformers officially announced the opening of in-depth strategic cooperation, and the boutique joint creation animation will be launched soon_TOM NEWS

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LINE FRIENDS and Hasbro’s Transformers officially announced the opening of in-depth strategic cooperation, and the boutique joint creation animation will be launched soon_TOM NEWS

China, Shanghai——Recently, the international creative studio LINE FRIENDS joined hands with Hasbro’s evergreen brand Transformers to officially announce the opening of in-depth brand strategic cooperation at the 2023 “Transformers: Battle of the Legends-Year-End Ceremony”.The two parties stated that they will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation covering the four major sectors of content, social networking, retail, and products within Asia. Starting from the joint creative animation launched in the second half of this year, they will steadily expand the dimension of cooperation and bring more high-quality goods The content and derived surprises have become a cooperation model of dual IP linkage and renewal under the “IP+” ecological model.

The strong alliance between LINE FRIENDS and Transformers, the two giants in the IP industry, is based on their perfectly compatible values, world-renowned content strength and IP popularity. It is expected to enrich the image charm and cultural connotation of their respective IPs through rich co-branded Sunac plans, bringing The synergistic effect of complementary categories.It is worth mentioning that this is the first in-depth cooperation between LINE FRIENDS and male IP. Based on the gender differences of the main fans, Sunac will bring complementary empowerment and cross-domain voice exposure to the dual brands. The improvement of IP will realize the value upgrade of breaking the circle of IP.

Relying on LINE FRIENDS’ creative animation production resources and Hasbro’s script content creation strength to cooperate, the joint creative animation expected to be launched in the second half of the year will become an important achievement of this high-quality content asset co-construction, highlighting LINE FRIENDS’ active cooperation The original intention of high-quality partners to develop new IP stories and new ways of playing. The animation is based on the distinct life-oriented personalities of the core IPs of both parties. The original characters of LINE FRIENDS will use the iconic Autobot image of the Transformers IP to break through the inherent image boundaries, and are similar to the “Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Megatron” in Transformers. “Tian” and other classic IPs deduce exciting and wonderful stories, and bring fans a refreshing and unique experience with the new style of “classic cool” colliding with “cute and cute”. In the future, there will be multiple surprises such as more high-quality content, derivative co-branded products, and commercial complex linkages, so stay tuned.

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You can get more LINE FRIENDS information through the following platforms:

Official mall: LINEFRIENDS.CN


Little Red Book: LINE FRIENDS

Station B: LINEFRIENDS Official


The international creative studio LINE FRIENDS originally originated from the cartoon stickers created for the mobile chat app “LINE” used by more than 200 million users around the world. It officially became an independent company in January 2015. A global leader in the creative and cultural industry whose renewal rate is at the forefront of the industry. The brand has a rich IP line, BROWN & FRIENDS, BT21, ROY6, WDZY, TRUZ, etc., and is committed to becoming a “long-term cute friend” of Chinese fans by creating diversified IP content experiences that keep pace with the times, and creating a bond of love together , Create surprises, create happiness.

LINE FRIENDS actively joins hands with partners from other worlds to cooperate with Sunac, and jointly explore diversified new ways of playing, new models, and new changes in the IP industry. At the level of “immersive offline experience format”, the brand has successively cooperated with brands such as M+ Xingfuli, Huaihai Group, and Yelin Garden Camp in Shanghai’s trendy street area to launch street scene marketing and LOHAS experiential marketing, and cooperate with popular Chinese city landmarks every year Attraction Sunac’s “SALLY DAY City Landmark Tour” penetrates the multiple travel contacts of local consumers’ lives.

At the level of “IP + innovative business model”, the brand cooperates with Weibo, iQiyi, Naiva Family, Hasbro and other brands’ popular IPs to explore the possibility of dual IP linkage and renewal, and even links Douyin, B612, Alipay And other Internet platforms to create entertainment IP + online interactive products. In addition, LINE FRIENDS will launch its new creative interactive brand COLLER in 2023, adhering to the green concept of sustainable development to explore the “IP + new retail” business model.

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On the level of “digital development of virtual-real interaction”, LINE FRIENDS welcomes the wave of the web3.0 era, and incubates the virtual IP “Little Red Book fashion blogger CHOCO Qiu Ke” in the Chinese market; cooperates with Tencent Magic Core to launch NFT digital collections; and VeeR co-creates a VR flash-mob space; joins hands with digital artist Gao Yuan to create creative naked-eye 3D videos, truly bringing the virtual-real interaction to the linkage between business and content.

In terms of “quality creative content assets”, LINE FRIENDS not only established the China Pan-Entertainment Division in 2022, but also leveraged its advantages in content creation to join hands with leading brands such as The Pinkfong Company, Kuaikan APP, Glory of Kings, and Naiva Family Explore the possibility of changing in multi-dimensional content forms such as animation dramas, comics, games, singles and MVs. On the level of “subdivided circle-level touchpoint customization”, LINE FRIENDS continues to expand multi-dimensional business forms around major interest gathering points such as mother and baby, camping, pets, environmental protection, and music, creating targeted and resonant marketing .

Today, LINE FRIENDS operates 15 online sales platforms around the world (as of February 2023). In the future, in addition to the traditional IP peripheral retail business, the brand will also comprehensively promote digital strategic transformation and layout, presenting more surprises to consumers . For more information, please visit the official website.

About Transformers

The Transformers brand is a global franchise with millions of fans around the world. Since 1984, the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons has appeared in movies, TV shows, comic books, innovative toys and digital media, giving fans of all ages a “far more than meets the eye” experience. The brand’s enduring legacy is fueled by a wealth of stories and characters: heroic Autobots dedicated to protecting all life, and villainous Decepticons with delusions of cosmic conquest. The Transformers brand is a franchise project of Hasbro.

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