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Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2022 collection, light and elegant, the gentle elegance of romantic dresses

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Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2022 collection, light and elegant, the gentle elegance of romantic dresses

Original title: Monique Lhuillier 2022 spring and summer series, light and elegant, the gentle elegance of romantic dresses

These garments by Monique Lhuillier feature some lightweight fabrics that are light and flowy, making skirts lighter and more comfortable, with more summer coolness;

There are also some romantic patterns, etc., which add vitality to the dress, and also add a gentle and elegant temperament. The addition of some three-dimensional fold elements adds a three-dimensional and decorative fashion feature to the clothing.

Among the long skirts, blue dresses are more elegant and gentle, as well as simple and fashionable in solid colors. These clothes are more elegant and cold in blue color;

On these blue dresses, the appearance of asymmetric sloping one-shoulder shapes, spliced ​​ruffles, bow decorations, sculpted sleeves and cutout decorations, etc., are the appearance of these pure blue long skirts. It adds more characteristic vitality, and the skirt adopts light and thin fabrics, which makes the skirt more light and transparent.

Let the fabrics of these dresses have more textures and textures, these textures make the dresses more simple in solid colors, but the textures reduce the monotony on these dresses;

On the skirts with solid color as the main color, there are more suspenders, some exposed shoulder and neck curves, and spliced ​​lotus leaves, etc. In some exposed lines, there is a lot of vitality and fashion, stitching The ruffles add a three-dimensional decorative feature to the garment.

In the wearing of these dresses, the waist is decorated with belts, etc. at the waist, attracting more attention to the position of the waist, and there is a slim waist effect, showing a soft waistline;

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The clothing of the dress uses light colors as the main color tone, which forms a contrast between the skirt and other colors, bringing the impact and difference of the colors, and also adds a lot of vitality and romance to the dress. ;

There are also plush feather tassels and other decorations, which add some smart and dynamic fashion to the clothing.

The dark color of black is used as the main color of the dress, and I feel more stable and generous. The clothes with the stable color as the main color make the aura of the dress more powerful, and there are also some light-colored white or It is the appearance of these colors such as gold, which brings the impact and contrast of the colors, which makes the colors simple on the clothing and adds a lot of vitality to the patterns;

There are also tube tops, self-cultivation silhouettes, and three-dimensional shapes on the clothing, which make the fashion sense on the clothing more vivid and rich.

The polka dot pattern uses black and white as the main tones. These black and white colors bring the classic fashion and retro atmosphere of the polka dot pattern with simple and bright tones;

The skirt is made of light and thin fabrics, bringing more lightness and elegance, making the skirt more translucent and beautiful. On the skirt, there are decorations such as bows, which add some sweet and eye-catching fashion highlights to the clothing. .

The solid color is used as the main color of the dress. These solid colors are more bright in the red color, and the light-colored pink color adds some pink and girly feeling;

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These garments combine light and thin fabrics in solid colors, bringing more pleated three-dimensional effect, and some light and fashionable, among them, there are more soft beauty added by slim silhouette, and there are also tie bows, sculptural clothes The presence of sleeves and more adds some fashionable accents to these solid color dresses.

Black and white color as the main color of the clothing, under the decoration of these patterns, not only simple, but also more energetic and romantic temperament;

There are also the appearance of exaggerated characteristic puff sleeves, one-word shoulders and raised waistlines, which add a lot of fashionable features to these black and white clothing.

On the clothing with light colors as the main color, the appearance of these colors such as pink and yellow brings a stronger color contrast, and the color contrast adds a more intense and vivid color contrast to the clothing, as well as patterns bring more vitality;

The addition of exaggerated skirts, tube tops, slim waists, etc. adds more elegance and fashion to the dress.

On the show of Monique Lhuillier’s spring/summer 2022 series, these garments added more light and elegant beauty with light and thin fabrics, as well as the romance and gentleness of some skirts. In the addition of styling, patterns, etc. , with more features and eye-catching fashion highlights.

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