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NERVOSA – Jailbreak

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NERVOSA – Jailbreak

(Thrash Metal)

Label: Napalm Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 29.09.2023

The Brazilian all-female thrash team NERVOSA is already in its 13th year, but only achieved greater popularity with “Downfall Of Mankind” (2018), which was cemented again with their last work “Perpatual Chaos” (2021).

After that, there was a lot of shaking in Sao Paolo and guitarist Prika Amaral suddenly found herself completely alone this year with second guitarist Helena Kotina, who had just been recruited, and had to reorganize the women’s team. Another blow after two women left for CRYPTA in 2020.

But necessity was turned into a virtue and poached across Europe. Helena, like bassist Hel Pyre (AFTERBLOOD, WEB), comes from Greece and drummer Mihaela Naydenova comes from Bulgaria. Prika took over the role of singer herself without further ado. And from the first song “Endless Ambition”, which was released in advance, it is clear that this was a good decision, because the hoarse, angry voice fits wonderfully with NERVOSA’s sound. Nevertheless, Lena Scissorhands (INFECTED RAIN) was invited for a few guest vocals and EXODUS legend Gary Holt also clearly joins in on the guitar.

Now the result of this quick action called “Jailbreak” is in the house and it’s something to be proud of. A Thrash projectile in front of the Lord, which is fun from start to finish with nasty Death Metal undertones and skilfully interspersed melodies, although the anger can be felt everywhere here.

Despite all the anger and furious playing style, the semi-acoustic intro on track #4 “Seed Of Death”, which is strongly reminiscent of KREATOR, is also quite good before the lively blasting continues. In contrast, there is the furious, but also more modern title track or the tricky, nasty “Sacrifice”, which are brimming with anger.

And so NERVOSA deliver a brutal, yet mature, well thought-out and surprisingly varied album, which is perhaps even the best, or at least most impressive, in the band’s history. In addition to loud social criticism, the four powerful women also deliver a message to the world of women: “Be proud of yourself and trust your own strengths!”

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Tracklist „Jailbreak“:

1. Endless Ambition
2. To suffocate
3. Ungrateful
4. Seed Of Death
5. Jailbreak
6. Sacrifice
7. Behind The Wall
8. Kill Or Die
9. When The Truth Is A Lie (feat. Gary Holt)
10. Superstition Failed (feat. feat. Lena Scissorhands)
11. Gates To The Fall
12. Elements Of Sin
13. Nail The Coffin

Total playing time: 40:33


NERVOSA – JailbreakLineUp:Prika Amaral – Vocals | GuitarsHelena Kotina – GuitarsHel Pyre – BassMichaela Naydenova – DrumsGuests:Gary Holt (Guitars)Lena Scissorhands (Vocals)7.5…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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