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organizations cut in front of Work, ATEN and the Cultural Front will go to Government House, this Wednesday

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organizations cut in front of Work, ATEN and the Cultural Front will go to Government House, this Wednesday

This Wednesday there will be various complaints in the center of Neuquénthe protests will begin in the morning and continue in the afternoon. Social organizations meet in front of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development To continue with the claim that started last week, they interrupt traffic there. ATEN and the Cultural Front will be present at the Government House.

Las Demonstrations began with the presence of social organizations at the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development of Neuquén at 9. Among the main demands is the payment of plans and guaranteeing jobs in public works.

The measure is carried out on Entre RÃos street and traffic is blocked between Alberdi and Alderete.

“We continue to fight for job continuity, the payment of social plans and delivery of food to canteens and picnic areas.”«, reported the Polo Obrero representative Luis Ramírez.

After noon, Ramirez explained that There was a response from the government and they let the representatives of each organization enter the Ministry of Labor to talk. “We continue with the cut, but our representatives have already come in to talk with the government. We hope there is an agreement and they comply with what we ask for,” he said.

Last week, social organizations had a failed meeting with the Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Lucas Castelli.

Diego Mauro, representative of the Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL)described that the organizations told them that “they do not agree” and that left them with the question of “what were families doing in the meantime, since there is a lot of unemployment and rampant inflation threatens the start of classes.” “There is no food to eat, no supplies to buy, no shoes,” said the FOL representative.

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The organizations They are at the door of the Ministry of Labor located in the former U9 on Entre RÃos Street from today at 9 and at the moment, the measure does not have an end time.

Protests in Neuquén this Wednesday: the Norpatagonia Cultural Front appeared at the Government House

“Culture is in emergency,” said the members of the Norpatagonia Cultural Front. Today At 11 they met at Government House to present a note to the governor. The reason was to request an urgent meeting “where it is made clear what cultural policies they are going to carry out.”

(Photo: Kindness)

From the Norpatagonia Cultural Front they assured that in Neuquén it is necessary to know what direction the government will take in terms of culture in order to know the budget with which the planned will be executed.

«President Milei seems to see his greatest enemy here, Therefore, in addition to attacking us with its permanent statements, it does so with measures that defund and harass. Yes“You know that if it hits the culture, it also hits the identity and that way it is easier to advance with its anti-Homeland plan,” they stated.

Protests in Neuquén this Wednesday: ATEN meets with the Government at a negotiation table

The Minister of Government of Neuquén, Jorge Tobares, summoned the state unions to the first salary negotiation table of the Rolando Figueroa era. The call was known through the notes distributed by the unions themselves. In the case of the ATEN teaching union, they were called for this Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

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The note that Tobares sent last week specifies that It will be “a work meeting” in the Lafitte Room of the Government House.

From the ATEN teaching union they demand the salary recomposition, the update by CPI and comply with the last section of the additional per location per zone. In addition, they will ask for public educational transportation for teachers, more jobs and compliance and increase in school allowances.

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