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Almer Technologies launches new AR glasses “Arc 2”

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Almer Technologies launches new AR glasses “Arc 2”

Augmented Reality in der Industrie

The Arc 2 enables a new type of communication in an industrial environment

Comfortable, easy to use and inexpensive to purchase – with the new AR glasses “Arc 2”, Almer Technologies is setting new standards for augmented reality in the industrial environment. In contrast to previous smart glasses, which are heavy, complex and expensive, the data glasses score points with previously unattainable technical specifications and are ready for immediate use. For the first time, Almer is offering an AR solution that is 100% oriented towards the needs of users in practice.

The Arc 2 from Almer Technologies enables a new type of communication in the areas of remote maintenance and customer service for industry. Smart glasses can be used to easily optimize processes and thus save time and money. The AR glasses, which weigh 179 grams, set new standards in terms of wearing comfort compared to comparable AR glasses. With improved features and thoughtful design, the Almer Arc 2 is the perfect solution for a variety of challenges in the modern industrial work environment.

New features and new looks

Compared to the previous model, the Almer Arc 2 is characterized by a display that has doubled its brightness. This means that it can also be used in outdoor areas with high levels of sunlight without any problems. Thanks to the integration of speakers, spontaneous phone calls can be accepted without additional headphones. The powerful microphones ensure clear communication even in noisy environments. With 25 megapixels and autofocus, the camera delivers exceptional image quality. Even when zooming in, details remain razor-sharp. An integrated light serves as practical lighting for dark work areas. A supplementary headlamp becomes obsolete. Thanks to the quick charging function, the Arc 2 can be charged to 80 percent again within 15 minutes.

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Put it on and get started straight away

Thanks to a monthly subscription system for both the hardware from Almer and the necessary software, which comes from partner TeamViewer, the acquisition costs of the Arc 2 remain low. However, the data glasses are particularly impressive because of their ease of use. “Our solution is “enterprise-ready”. Users can use the glasses immediately and use them for many different purposes,” says Sebastian Beetschen, CEO of Almer Technologies. The wearing comfort and problem-free integration into existing work processes in production environments as well as in the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of complex machines have already convinced renowned companies such as the SFS Group and Cablex/Swisscom.

Further information about the new Almer Arc 2 can be found at: www.almer.com

About Almer Technologies

Almer Technologies was founded in 2021 following a research project at the Zurich University of Technology (ETH). The Swiss start-up based in Bern is led by CEO Sebastian Beetschen and CTO Timon Binder and now consists of 30 employees. With the development of the innovative AR glasses Almer Arc, Almer Technologies is responding to the currently increasing demand for augmented reality technology in the industrial landscape.

Company contact
Almer Technologies AG
Paul Uhl
Marktgasse 46
CH-3011 Bern
+41 31 528 20 30

Press contact
Lena Peters • additiv a brand of additiv pr GmbH & Co. KG
Lena Peters
Herzog-Adolf-Strasse 3
56410 Montabaur
+49 2602 950 99 01

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