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Popfest Vienna: New curator team for 2024 – mica

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Popfest Vienna: New curator team for 2024 – mica

Vienna (OTS)The music journalist LISA SCHNEIDER will be responsible for the program of the upcoming POPFEST WIEN together with the author and musician MARKUS BINDER.

Lisa Schneider
After studying literature and art history, she worked in exhibition management in various art galleries, including the Exnergasse Art Gallery im Knife employed. She wrote for various print and online music magazines and began her journalistic work for the in 2015 ORF on radio FM4 in the literary and music editorial department. Today she is primarily responsible for the “Soundpark” broadcast format, i.e. for new Austrian pop music.

Mark Binder is the drummer and lyricist of the Slangpunk country fiction duo Attwenger, which is part of the country’s important contemporary cultural heritage because of its combination of tradition and modernity, gstanzl and techno, and the fusion of words and sounds. The studio albums most, pflug, luft, song, sun, dog, flux, spot and drum have been released so far. In Berlin Crime Publishing He published his books “Testsiegerstraße”, “Part-time Revue” and “Tempo Changes”, the latter this spring.

The 15th Popfest Vienna will take place from July 25th to 28th, 2024 on and around Karlsplatz, including in Vienna Museum, which reopened in December this year. Initial program information will be announced in the spring. The curated festival for Austrian pop music once again had around 60,000 visitors this year.


Popfest Vienna

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