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Producer reveals that “Hurricane 2” is in preparation and will also be filmed

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Producer reveals that “Hurricane 2” is in preparation and will also be filmed

The producer revealed that “Hurricane 2” is in preparation and will also shoot a movie version

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Today (April 8), the criminal investigation drama “Hurricane”, which was broadcast at the beginning of the year, is preparing for the sequel “Hurricane 2”, which appeared on Weibo’s hot search, attracting the attention of netizens.

The producer revealed that

Yesterday, the producers of “Hurricane” Xu Tai and Qin Ge revealed in an interview:“As long as the audience is looking forward to it, there will definitely be “Hurricane 2″. The types of episodes are still the same.”

In addition, the producer also revealed that “Hurricane” will also shoot a movie version,The movie version is based on the continued creation of the TV series and will be sharper. Videos will be available in due course.

The producer revealed that

This news has aroused the enthusiastic attention of many netizens. Many viewers expressed their great anticipation for “Hurricane 2”, and they also hope that the original cast of the previous work can return.

“Hurricane” is undoubtedly the big hit drama at the beginning of this year, with an average audience rating of 1.54%.For the first time, the number of full-end broadcasts in a single day exceeded 300 million, and the average number of episodes exceeded 100 million, breaking the popularity ceiling, and the iQiyi platform record broke 11,800.

Gong Yu, CEO of iQIYI, said recently: Actually, when we were planning, we thought this show would be popular, but it was an accident that it became so popular.

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The producer revealed that

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