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Professor.E 2022 Spring/Summer Collection Lookbook Officially Released

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Professor.E 2022 Spring/Summer Collection Lookbook Officially Released

Professor.E officially released the 2022 Spring/Summer series Lookbook. This season, the simple and loose tailoring is used, and the stripes and prints are scattered on all parts of the body by partial embellishment, creating a mysterious atmosphere of flickering and darkening while walking.

This season, button details are added for finishing touch. Each button of different shape, color and size is arranged in a regular or staggered manner, which enriches the playability of details and the overall sense of hierarchy.

The ONEOFF series uses embossed printing patterns, innovative structural tailoring, and can be worn on both sides. It continues the romantic collision of the combination of classical and modern, making it exude a poetic quality that has been polished and condensed by time.

The women’s clothing series presents a more comprehensive range of items this season. The hollowed-out design and slightly glossy dark-grained fabrics all express the attitude of women’s freedom of storage, even under relatively loose and loose tailoring. Losing the control of female lines, using folds, splicing, and layers to show the multi-faceted women one by one.

The Professor.E 2022 Spring/Summer series has been launched on the official website of the brand. Interested readers should pay attention.

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