Home Entertainment Qin Liwei returns with “Swan Song” to Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra 2021-2022 Music Season Closing Concert_Hangzhou Net

Qin Liwei returns with “Swan Song” to Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra 2021-2022 Music Season Closing Concert_Hangzhou Net

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Qin Liwei returns with “Swan Song” to Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra 2021-2022 Music Season Closing Concert_Hangzhou Net

Qin Liwei brings “Swan Song” back to Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra 2021-2022 Music Season Closing Concert

On the evening of July 24, the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra ushered in the closing concert of the 2021-2022 music season.

“It feels really good to be back in Hangzhou. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity to work with such an excellent team. I am also very honored to be back here and bring such good music to the audience!” that night, the conductor Master Lv Jia, together with cellist Qin Liwei, together with the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, ended the season magnificently with Elgar’s Cello Concerto and Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony.

The first half of the concert was Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor (Opus 85) performed by Qin Liwei. Although Elgar’s famous cello masterpiece is preceded by Dupree’s version of Zhuyu, Qin Liwei used his performance to bring a different kind of “Swan Song” to the Hangzhou audience.

The conductor Lu Jia opened Elgar’s work with a powerful wave. Qin Liwei’s cello followed his arms to create a grainy melody. The entire band and solo repeatedly described and outlined the first theme of sadness. The unison of the orchestra swept out a second theme that was accessible and meaningful. In Qin Liwei’s view, although the sound of the cello is full of diverse emotions, it is still warm in the end. Therefore, although the concerto he performed that night was inevitably sad, there was “emotional sadness” between the bows and strings. The balance with “rational philosophical thinking”, from the repressed sadness of the first movement to the desolate poignant beauty of the second movement, the pensive indulgence of the third movement and the magnificent reincarnation of the last movement, supplemented by the dreamlike title music of each part of the band. , showing a “sad but not sad” texture as a whole.

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The second half of the concert was Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9 in D minor. Bruckner’s masterpieces are always daunting. Not only are domestic orchestras rarely performed, but there are also few audiences who can fully appreciate them. The Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra performed three of Bruckner’s tomes this season. In addition to the Ninth Symphony conducted by Lu Jia, there were also the Fifth Symphony conducted by Zhang Yi and Lin Daye. The Fourth Symphony.

As the leading conductor in China, Lv Jia has always been partial to Bruckner’s works. He believes that “Bruckner’s music is a transparent world.” And how to convey this transparent world to the audience is his conductor. all you need to do. Lv Jia started the construction of the nine universes with a pious and solemn attitude. In the end, in the inexhaustible and inexhaustible repetitions, a splendid sound wave swelled up. While submerging the universe, he recast time and space, so that the true love Bruckner’s fans arrive in the realm of transparency in Bujiu. After the performance, the audience greeted the conductor, soloist and every band member with warm applause. Both on and off the stage were moved by the end of the thirteenth music season of Hang Ai.

Looking back on this season, from the soul-stirring Verdi opera masterpiece at the opening concert, to the colorful ballet, red art party class, compatible national style and four rhymes, trendy blind box music, flowing chamber music As well as the classic master tribute series, etc., the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra finally drew a “keep quiet” end to this somewhat bumpy but always “classic as ever” music season.

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Author: reporter Shen Yanrong, correspondent Zhang Yueqin and Yang Sixuan The pictures in the article are provided by the interviewed unit Editor: Li Jiangang

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