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RIIZE’s “Love 119” Soars to Global Music Rankings

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RIIZE’s “Love 119” Soars to Global Music Rankings

RIIZE’s “Love 119” Soars in Global Music Rankings

RIIZE, the up-and-coming music sensation, has been making waves in the global music scene with their latest single “Love 119”. The South Korean artist, who was previously recognized for their hit song “Get A Guitar”, has now achieved even greater popularity with their latest release.

According to the Korean Melon weekly chart, “Love 119” has reached the impressive ranking of 22nd, following the success of “Get A Guitar” which reached 18th place. What’s even more remarkable is that “Love 119” has surpassed its predecessor on the Melon TOP100 chart, climbing to the 11th spot.

But the success doesn’t stop there. “Love 119” has also topped the Korean Bugs weekly chart and YouTube’s Korean popular MV weekly chart. Additionally, it has secured the 10th position on YouTube Music’s Korean popular song weekly list and Sportify’s Top Songs Korean Chart.

RIIZE’s global impact is evident as well, with “Love 119” ranking first in the iTunes Top Song charts in 9 regions worldwide and reaching the top spot in various music platforms in Japan and South Korea.

The captivating performance of “Love 119” was further highlighted during a recent appearance on a music program, where RIIZE’s emotive delivery resonated with audiences and captivated their hearts.

Fans of RIIZE can look forward to the artist’s upcoming appearance on tvN’s “YOU QUIZ ON THE BLOCK”, set to air on January 17th at 7:45 pm (Beijing time).

RIIZE’s rapid ascent in the global music industry reflects their undeniable talent and growing influence. As the artist continues to capture hearts worldwide with their irresistible melodies, it’s clear that RIIZE is on the path to even greater success.

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